Tuesday, May 29, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 21

who is she?
melania trump has many characters,
one of her is like this,
assuring, smiling, confident, and knowing....

praise first lady of America for a change,
a mother to a son,
to a daughter,
to a nation with trillions of civilians

while we are on a giant break,
we turn the clock slower
breathing air in no where
telling people stories with no truth

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

may pending

Image result for tianjin university 

Image result for tianjin university                 

Image result for tianjin university       

may pending
soul hunting
college graduates
penguin walking

pink rose
loyola university
james russell and james edgar
liu xiaobo and xu xiangyang

all good from barack obama
all well from donald trump

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

short story slam week 87, thursday poets rally week 86, poetry and story inn fridays week 17

zhou xin e
zhou kai ming
they have child zhou kuibao,

what is the difference in between zhou and wang?
because currently,
they are wang dehua, zhang hongwei, annie wang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no kidding,
wu lifu, fu biyun, they have children wu huiqing, wu xifan,
they have grand children wu jialiang, wu jiahong, wu aihong, xu xiaojing, xu bing e, xu taiping, xu daokou

a previous colleague in beijing,
seeking fame, they are Yan Feng, Yan Ni, Wu Zhetian, Wu Tianfang, Zhu Yingtai, Ma Shiping, Zhao Wu

many 4th and 5th generation are forgotten, may not love these,
they are wu lingling, wu jingyi, wu sheng, wu tom, wu shenggang, fan bowen, fan min,

spouse to wu clans include kong qianhjiao, xu zhongtian,
ying li, xu feng, zhang qi, wang ying, yan ji, fan yunqing, hu xiaofeng, yang caihong, peng pingzhi

back in America,
we only know Audie Murphy, Pamela murphy, James Murphy, Terry Murphy, Charlotte Birkenstock,
we only know Amelia Sanders, Emily Dickinson, Seth Shengbutow, Tyler, London, Sam, Lawrence, Paisley

including amelia wilson, abbey wood, markshen wu, meradith wu, helen wu, florence wu
things seem tough
but Donald Trump and Melania trump add some force to Wus via Ying liu, Eric, tiffany, Samantha