Monday, April 13, 2015

broccoli chunks

the same family,
different outlooks,
let's look at cauliflower,
or stem broccoli.
roots deep in earth,
leafy trees above the surface,
green or white blossoms,
cauliflower and broccoli are vegetables of Greece.
Brady Noble may not agree,
Hidden fiber in greens do produce profit,
Anne Wendy stand near the Bill Gates,
A pasta with broccoli chunks does go great.
Kimberly Glenpool chooses to listen,
She has sent Prince Valden to Northwestern,
The change of daily meals benefit all,
Barack Schmidt give blood to aid Peter Schapiro.

 Sweet Corn


Saturday, April 4, 2015

once I think of you as...

once you were ducklings in a book,
face to face,
with yellow tiny wings
and hard brown bills,
you quack silently
and the whole world heard you.
now you are an adult goose
with long snaked neck,
and a white feathered body as a bird,
you stretch your mind to the moon,
and snatch water lily for snacks,
diving your head down to sea bed,
swimming your poems as fish
as you play hide and seek with Thunder storms.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

International News

Zach Turner,
Jacob Overling,
Taylor Rey,
Mackenzie Menter,
Gray Lieper...
An OKC OCU campus newspaper,
Offering international news...
Irish Living,
Christian Religion,
Police Reports,
Jewish Worships,
Islam and Muslism,
Budda and Modern technology...
A jigsaw puzzle,
the Big Apple,
Facebook friends,
Twitter followers,
Allie Glazner,
Stefanie Sun,
Amy Fuhrman,
Maleyia Vaughn...

international news,
national coverage,
outside view,
indoor pool....

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an award, posted for poetry rally week 81,
thanks for the encouragements...

for week 82, or next rally, I wish to nominate  Bonnie

and  Friko's World

have fun today.