Wednesday, July 12, 2017

july rain joins summer heats

Lynn Patrick used to walk around Thead Pond
Chad Penn takes leadership in Soil and plants technology
Robert Kerr and Amy McNally have fun observing

hearing Monty Harper sing
reading what is in your lips
a snowbird swings its wings
keep trying, trying to win Min Winfree

Ann Hargis may know Wu Hongping
Emily Cains is ready to write a story of Weni Alan
how about Vistnam thing in Moon shade?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

short story slam week 70

While the local emphasis is upon heavy industry certain aspects of ...
shanxi university

 Sleep Inn Louisville Airport & Expo
Days Inn |

elk city public library
Bill Clinton and Lewis Hardy join a book reading
Jamie Harper and Keaton Smiley sign their names
what a Denny-Franny Sherman Town

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

a mooncake craved with high technology and profound opera singers

Image result for gary johnson

Image result for gina noble
Gina J's

Image result for gina noble
Gina Wynbrandt
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Image result for opendoors

Andrew van der Bijl has an opening
all guys rush in
they line up
and wait for their names to be called

Jefferson Bryant
Charles McCann
Dane Taylor
Tori Caswell
Amy Townsend
Jack Daveport
Monty Harper
Emily Quinn
Phil White
Ashton Patton
Vandana Jaiswal
Doula Shipley
Treyon Barker
Elizabeth Mee Payne
Skyman Rogers
Sky Rogers
Dade Eddy
Judith Sexton
Roger Moore
Mary Johnston
Sarah Little
Jaquelyn Dawes
Keith Reed
Henry Iba
Ammie Bryant
Peng Huangnian
Peng younian
Peng Hounian
Yan Simei
John Wright Price
Mary Lou
Cao Xueqing
Cao Chongsheng
Lisa Mantini
Jia You
Bing Ji
Jia Jia
Jia Baoyu
Wang Dehua
Peng Ronghua
Huang Cui E
Huang Cuiting
Dave Wright
Michael McCann
Dane Taylor
Michael Robertson
Jodi Jinks
Jerry Spokane
Jeff Bellmer
Michael Morgan
Du Zhenjie
Ryan Yager
James Perry
Frieda Chapman
Nicolas Dirks
Susan Rouscher
Anwood Suoyer
Barbara Sharp
Becca Givens
Sam Fox
Bixby Gates
Alexa Dell
Peyton Wilson
Jennifer Carney
Gay Washington
Kevin Wade
Braxton Ripley
sheng wu
amelia wilson
jiahong wu
william jaco
alan noell
yu xinglong
tao lizheng
zhang hong
zhao kun
zhao xin
hu guoliang
yan rong
rao mingrong
wang daixue
hu huasheng
peng fusheng
peng yingping
shuai jialiang
shuai dasi
Brice Pacegreen
Mary Green
Jason Grife
Qindale Tryon
Cao Nguyen
Shawnee Bogue
Uwe Meeker
Sheila Gordon
Lauren Pullman
Diedra Barton
Tara Robinson
Leigha Clayton
Heather Perkins
Rebecca Morrison
Cynthia Pixley