Monday, August 7, 2017

short story slam week 73, 72,

short story slam week 73
 it does not matter
nutshell Brown Frank has simmered mixed emotion
water color or sky blues
the person who won often gets labeled with bursting assumptions
drink a punch
remove the chain of burden in trust and bound
yahoo and msn surface often backs up Allen Gates
when the day grows sweaty with lazy hue
our throat may need lots of soft coke
a sip of spring water is heavenly
Jane, Lottie, Joy, Evelyn, Samba, Matilda, Max, Sophia, and Camille
all quit
because they prefer to sit, 
preserve for peaceful moments
forgive Amelia and Lucinda,
we have Anne, Sophie, Chloe, Dan, Sam, Vicker, and Victoria agree to join peace rally
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The Air is Hot,  I'm Home

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

july rain joins summer heats

Lynn Patrick used to walk around Thead Pond
Chad Penn takes leadership in Soil and plants technology
Robert Kerr and Amy McNally have fun observing

hearing Monty Harper sing
reading what is in your lips
a snowbird swings its wings
keep trying, trying to win Min Winfree

Ann Hargis may know Wu Hongping
Emily Cains is ready to write a story of Weni Alan
how about Vistnam thing in Moon shade?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

short story slam week 70

While the local emphasis is upon heavy industry certain aspects of ...
shanxi university

 Sleep Inn Louisville Airport & Expo
Days Inn |

elk city public library
Bill Clinton and Lewis Hardy join a book reading
Jamie Harper and Keaton Smiley sign their names
what a Denny-Franny Sherman Town

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

a mooncake craved with high technology and profound opera singers

Image result for gary johnson

Image result for gina noble
Gina J's

Image result for gina noble
Gina Wynbrandt
Image result for opendoors
Image result for opendoors

Andrew van der Bijl has an opening
all guys rush in
they line up
and wait for their names to be called

Jefferson Bryant
Charles McCann
Dane Taylor
Tori Caswell
Amy Townsend
Jack Daveport
Monty Harper
Emily Quinn
Phil White
Ashton Patton
Vandana Jaiswal
Doula Shipley
Treyon Barker
Elizabeth Mee Payne
Skyman Rogers
Sky Rogers
Dade Eddy
Judith Sexton
Roger Moore
Mary Johnston
Sarah Little
Jaquelyn Dawes
Keith Reed
Henry Iba
Ammie Bryant
Peng Huangnian
Peng younian
Peng Hounian
Yan Simei
John Wright Price
Mary Lou
Cao Xueqing
Cao Chongsheng
Lisa Mantini
Jia You
Bing Ji
Jia Jia
Jia Baoyu
Wang Dehua
Peng Ronghua
Huang Cui E
Huang Cuiting
Dave Wright
Michael McCann
Dane Taylor
Michael Robertson
Jodi Jinks
Jerry Spokane
Jeff Bellmer
Michael Morgan
Du Zhenjie
Ryan Yager
James Perry
Frieda Chapman
Nicolas Dirks
Susan Rouscher
Anwood Suoyer
Barbara Sharp
Becca Givens
Sam Fox
Bixby Gates
Alexa Dell
Peyton Wilson
Jennifer Carney
Gay Washington
Kevin Wade
Braxton Ripley
sheng wu
amelia wilson
jiahong wu
william jaco
alan noell
yu xinglong
tao lizheng
zhang hong
zhao kun
zhao xin
hu guoliang
yan rong
rao mingrong
wang daixue
hu huasheng
peng fusheng
peng yingping
shuai jialiang
shuai dasi
Brice Pacegreen
Mary Green
Jason Grife
Qindale Tryon
Cao Nguyen
Shawnee Bogue
Uwe Meeker
Sheila Gordon
Lauren Pullman
Diedra Barton
Tara Robinson
Leigha Clayton
Heather Perkins
Rebecca Morrison
Cynthia Pixley

Thursday, May 18, 2017

short story slam week 68, high tech James Perry, and Jerry Funk, Shuai Xiaosi, Shuai Yue E, Shuai Xi Er, and Shuai Yao E

short story slam week 68, unexpected and runner up fitness, why we shall use google to maxmize our world views 

  short story slam week 68, high tech and Jerry Funk, Ryan Yager,James Perry,
Shuai Xiaosi, Shuai Yue E, Shuai Xi Er, and Shuai Yao E, Bie Bing Er

amazing day
Chris Day writes about Burns Hargis,
they have never anticipated the parade
near Hyde Park

when July 4th sets fioreworks,
May 22 greets Richard Huang, Thomas Boone Pickens, and Sheng Wu,
still, we recall 9/27/2015, Emily  Funkshen
8/21/2016, Frank Shengbutow,  11/22/2016, Lilyn Crimson Cheekawood

paisley comes in as a sweet candy
sanders comes in as a sour grape
one on beginning of 2017
one in mid-august of 2011

almost forgot about who is William Jaco,
he sails big ocean this way, that way,
almost forgot about Chris Francisco / Alan Noel
he often sides with John Robert Myer, John Wolf, Doug Aichele, Roger Zieroo

Image result for happy birthday to richard  richard huang, ohio son to hong jin and qingbo huang

Image result for happy birthday to thomas  have an awesome day on may 22, t-boone pickens

Image result for happy birthday to thomas   Kieran Yager, she is about five
Image result for happy birthday to thomas
Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu

Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu
austin mitchel, sheng wu,
Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu

Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu  emily and san francisco,
Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu  abbey wood, a good friend to amelia wilson
Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu  sheng wu, tom lee wu, jiahong wu, november, 2014

Image result for happy birthday to sheng wu
Image result for happy birthday to sheng
Image result for happy birthday to sheng   happy birthday from Ethan Wood

Image result for happy birthday to sheng from google  happy birthday from Garfield, El Jean, Mark Wu, and Christy Fine

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Mellow Yellow, Short Story Slam week 67, and World Peace Year 6, poetry picnic week 45

when seasons change...

 Image result for monday yellow
J P At Olive Garden

 Image result for monday yellow
world peace comes from inner balance of mindset, people such as Audrey Black, Fred Drummond, Roy Turner, Steve Haydon Raymourn, Susan Wojcincki, Susan Constantin, Ann Hargis, Ning Yan,
Pan Xianming, Wang Hongzhong, Xie Wei, Sui Shenfang, Chen Yeguang, Yang Tao, Ye Huiyan,
Liu Ying, Deng Furong, Zhang Xuezhi, Julie Nixon, Yan Qing, Ma Caiping, Xu Yanji, Zhao Qiao,
Zhu Ting, Gong Haipeng, Yu Li, Tao Li, Tao Zhou, Wu Sheng, Wu Qiong, Lu Xiaohua, Li Donghua
we enjoy people from all over the places, thanks to Dong Boqing, Zhu Xinping, Yuan Yu, Huang
Xiaojun, Huang Qingbo, Yan Pengchuan, Yan Qingbo, Peng Hounian, Peng Zhongqiang, Hu Weiwei

Roses [Friday My Town Shoot Out]
 Image result for rose
short story slam week 67, snowpea flowers, snowpea fruits, and green plants and lovely positivity could serve better purpose in all of us

  Image result for snowpeas 

wenxue city
china gates

american feeds

when Edmond Low opens a book gallery
Steve and Susan join,
Roy, Paul, Burns, Jameson, Prytania, Loraine, Bruno, Justin, Curt, Rebecca, Lindy, Akiko laugh
Fred, Troy, Jimmy, Bryan, John, Bob, Jeff, Chuck, Edward, Corey, Amy, Kathleen, Rachel undo
their old codes, uploading refreshing images

Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, Engler Hans, Zach Bogue grins

up, up to outer space

Thursday, April 20, 2017

poetry rally week 84, good flowers, and promising plants

good flowers,
loner's comfort
sightseeing boomer
we cherish the purple, the yellow the white, and the violet,

quiet place,
legendary countryside
big brick homes host huge wits
warren buffeett and gary clark cook bbq

driving to philip 66,
I choose an expensive fuel
believing in Braum's chiken fingures
know my favorite soupberry

Sheruba flower at Rome garden

Ameryost flowers at Taiping Mountain peak

Gabedaisy at Tokyo, Fuji mountain

Melaniaberry at Hollywood, Los Angeles

Reedavictor at Kaifeng, Henan sheng

Abbeytooth plants at London, england

Saturday, April 1, 2017

short story slam week 65, 66, a to z, A is for Advent, Air force, B is for Bruce, Burns, Bus, and Bob or Buffett

short story slam week 65, 66, a to z,   A is for Advent, Air force,
B is for Bruce, Burns, Bus, barron trump, and Bob or Buffett
c is for Clyde H. Pape,  Colby Smith,
d is for Donna Hardesty, david dutton, dale teeters, duane wilson, donald trump,
e is for emily dickinson, emma watson, eugene lorton,
f is for fu zhixiong, fan min, fan lee, fan bingbing, Fang Zhiming,
g is for Guan mucun, Gong Xianghong, Gong xiao, Guo Song,

Image result for advent  

Image result for Baby r'us 

Image result for Cindy's 

Image result for Davidson college  

Image result for european union     

Image result for friendship quotes 
when we visit a place, we gather names, and quotes, and feel good about posting their fame here:

christopher peeples
robert sheaf
donna hardesty
james r. sorem
sharon greene
sandra whitaker
l. duane wilson
steadman upham
robert hasty
stacia campbell
stephanie kingfisher
dale teeters
indu dayal meshri
joshua mabee
evelyn rayzor nienhuis
mary oxley
stevenhan wilson
marianne blair
ryan lane
peyton manning
colin morgan
xueya peng
irvin schultz
nicholas taylor
adrian lawson
jennifer aniston
ashley biden
b. b .blair
lottie jane mabee
eugene lorton
bob west
sandy west
david dutton
donna dutton
chevron barbara
maude b.
clyde h. pape
priscilla blair
walton collins
peggy collins
cortlandt dietler
martha dietler
curt sharp
kendall murphy
steven neal
kay duit
eric wood
aime wood
eric pryor
brett hagy
hui jin
beom ju kim
lan le
brianne wagoner
amy cairnes
barkley wilson
yingjing zhu
hasherm r
taylor anderson
james bissett
raymond kravis
james sorem
sharon greene
sandra whitaker
john swab
baxton goodrich
kathy taylor
taylor swift
j. paschal twypman
james gregory
jan martin
david lawson
gerald clancy
paula clancy
j. newton rayzor
meshri fa vesti blue
john bartley
john chamber
chuck robbins
linda neal
brad henry
henry zarrow
jason grife
g. t. bynum
nick rethford
isia peterson
anne peters
will hubbard
trenton gibbons
adam lux
nathan gibbons
sam chott
kayleigh thesenvita
paul mases
elias brinkman
james whisenhunt
trenton gibbons
michaela flonard
giselle willis cuauhtle
hannah kloppenburg
mary clancy
joseph clancy
sam clancy
mary fisher
roger blais
steve job
michael dell
bill gates
yan qin
nathan greenwood
meng jianguo
gong li
cheng li
yang meilin
ji shengxiong