Saturday, May 4, 2019

world peace in may year 8, pppweek 49

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PEACe--it comes from one's freedom of reaction
once peace sets inside one's mind
one will not agree to fight
not fighting
not fighting to win a big battle
yet working toward musical and artistic design

free verse
one of those option for a peace medal

Monday, April 29, 2019

poetry and story inn fridays week 43, humor week 18, short story slam week 113

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Image result for msnbc news   dylan byers

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barr will, dylan byers, dems eye,
benny wu, malia obama, amelia wilson,
larry, keith edward, enchanted, mark williams

names pile up to reach the sky
a rain pours
asking a favor to stay dry

Thursday, March 7, 2019

poetry and story inn fridays week 40, short story slam week 110

beyond talking, we are reminded of Wu Qiong, Stephanie Bice,
she often let us know her and her favorite poems
Mimi, Matthew, Jane, Alan, Julio, Larry, Melissa, James, Alicia,
they can be sad when missed in a role call


light and missed classes can be heavy
a machine runs and a stick walks,
a talking bird stares, journeying its way to our eye lashes,
we could not bear more than we could


we pitch a line to mars
we make a announcement for barack obama and sasha obama
we let a lost child yearn without promising talent
the Lyrics, Folk Tales, Free Verse..all loose in Morton grave's strand wine shop

only the young, a script made or directed by Elizabeth Mims, Jason Tippet,
casts: Skye Elmore, Kristen Cheriegate, Garrison Saenz, Robin Levy, Kevin Conway

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Happy Chinese new year : books, poetry, comics, and inspirations

pure wool stories and poems beyond Azby's expectations  a book by mary clancy

Mark Seaworth  a poetry book by william henry and giles kingston

DETOUR 15 Fall 2013  detour 15 by andy fish is great

Fishing Derby Poems in Princeton Tufts  william joyce writes a good poem book

Three Words   heather davis, she is cute