Thursday, August 2, 2012

Northwestern University Fight Song Lyrics (Go, NU!)

There are several versions of the lyrics to "Go U Northwestern."  The most commonly accepted are as follows:


Go U Northwestern!
Break right through that line.
With our colors flying,
We will cheer you all the time,
U Rah! Rah!
Go!  U Northwestern!
Fight for victory,
Spread far the fame of our fair name,
Go!  Northwestern win that game.


(Yell)  Go!  Northwestern Go!


(Yell)  Go!  Northwestern Go!
Hit 'em hard!
Hit 'em low!
Go!  Northwestern Go!

The original lyrics to "Rise Northwestern" are:


Push on Northwestern and go in to win,
Push on Northwestern and fight,
May word and deed keep you in the lead,
Push on for victory with all your might.
Loyal and true we are always with you,
Push when the game goes hard,
From east or west we know you're the best,
Push on for victory.

Rise, Northwestern,
We'll always stand by you,
Go, Northwestern,
We will ever cheer and sing for you to
Win, Northwestern,
Our hearts will ever yearn
For the Purple banner waving high
For Northwestern

Varsity, varsity.
Hit 'em hard and low,
Varsity, varsity,
Go Northwestern Go!
U Rah!  Rah!  U Rah!  Rah!
U Northwestern Rah.

(Repeat chorus)

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lyrics comes from Theodore Van Etten, Class of 1913 at NU (northwestern University)