Friday, November 2, 2012

Believe It or Not? Sheng = Peking Duck = China Dragon, Tom =Texas Long Horn =American Ox

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 76: October 31-November 7, 2012

Nobody would believe it, right?
The 21 century Christmas is May 22,
We have at least three exceptional
figures born on this date, Thomas, Sheng, etc.
But everyone follows the traditional Christmas,
God decides to honor that too.
So, you won't believe that Sheng is a lord,
because he was born May 22, 1993,
Then, Jesus makes a decision to convince all,
by offering the family
another boy who was born December 25, 1997,
Still, nobody thinks that the Woos would qualify.
Then, something happened on December 25, 2011,
My goodness, at least some folks begin to wonder,
why? How? It Can't be?!
Now for Tom, you are the Texas Long Horn,
You rock! because the month of December
is easy to remember,
It's the 12th full moon,
12=10+2, you are perfect
or even better than October babies,
One Dime, 12 pennies, two nickels, ...
Be proud of yourself, Tom,
You are a cowboy,
The year of Ox, which coincides with bull or cow,
Ox is in fox, box, cox, equinox,
it rhymes with socks, wax, max, docks,
which leads to ox=ocks...October is in it...
So do pockets, sockets, Ocean, rockets, locks,
mocking bird, hogs, frogs, ...
in Oxygen, oxy=oxi, thus ox connects to osh=otch...
Then, we have ox relates to Gosh, hush=hoosh, Josh,
Mush, Mushroom, Push, Brush, Bush, Crush,
Squash, Rush, Ush,...
tom the Texas Long horn and The Ox is so much.


Jacobean Manson Gay said...

It is a make believe?

maybe, if you believe it, it is a faith,
otherwise, never mind.

Jacobin Rosellash Gay said...

Happy November!


Carolina Walker Myers said...

yep, I believe in it.



Sheridan Newsomie Raun said...

something personal, yet powerful.

Virginia Davis Hargis said...

it makes sense,

you rock.

Alissa Daimakepeace Schapiro said...

a mother's love is unbeatable,

you are outstanding,

beat those fake claims,
stay in one, be your own boss,

Marcie Automatic Constantin said...

what love,

keep it shine.

Marcie Automatic Constantin said...


it is impossible to make people trust stuff such as this,

a make believe is a make believe,

follow the common sense,

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...

way to goat, 1997 babies, Tom, you rock.

Jessica Theodoragoss Alspach said...

sincere words.

sometimes, people think of crazy thoughts,

well, take it easy.

Bing Yap said...

i enjoyed reading this... thanks for sharing.

Malia Butterfly Jones said...

cool take on the boys.

Iremonger Doorbell Pickens said...

so thoughtful as a mother a like figure.

Ihop Smith said...

daring statements,

best wishes.

Abigail Bunting said...

Thanks for sharing!

Yielday Pittzheng said...

a fun take.

Melinda Peony Bona said...

wise words.

Minn AlFrederick Romney said...

cool statement.

Michael said...

Woah, this is lovely. I love this. Thanks for sharing.