Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poetry All The Way To Piano Keys: Music Is Great!

My Piano

I have elastic piano.
It has mustard on it.
Peanuts on it too.
Maybe if I stand still my piano won't wipe out.
Squirt me some mustard to dance with on the elastic floor.
Oh! How about some peanuts too.
Give me a piano to play the wipe out song.

By Taylor Davis (Elementary school student)

A Piano Play
Music, in variety thrives,
And the glory of song is within your eyes.
Trumpets and drums and fiddles too,
Reflect the songs I find in you.
Violins cry, cellos moan,
With music of dreams, of love, of home.
Deep within a piano plays,
Springing forth to you this day.
Providing a home for it and you,
I give you love and devotion too.

by Dennis R Graham