Monday, August 20, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 26, short story slam week 96

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a girl called maybelle hurley exercises hand writing in Chinese brush

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an ancient wisdom could persisting and influencing

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沿湖慢慢走,可以看到颜真卿放生的石雕,颜鲁公手捧着乌龟,旁边三个稚童好奇地张望,神态栩栩如生。  near Boomer lake, you see eldly zhengqing yan who reads

yan lu museum,

Image result for shanghai normal university  xiejing mivie institute   wang yu, an owner from Fishbone dinner

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KasimReed Dealshell Peterson Nicklow-Latter said...

have fun today......

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

sometimes, we do need to think of wang yu, zhu taozhi, and wu huilan.