Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brad Henry ( An Invincible Force)

A talented individual
in most contemporary history,
Brad Henry has been an invincible force
in fighting natural disasters,
He is everywhere
when Tornado hits his state,
He is with everyone
when secondary school students
desire encouragements,
He supports ordinary citizens,
He deserves a leadership role
to Americans,
with him being a friend,
Joy won't faint.

Image Credit: Google.com, Brad Henry and family


Helen Obama said...

what a sweet tribe,

Thumbs up.

Taylor Boomer said...


Thanks for contributing to poetry picnic,

fantastic tribe to Brad Henry.


Jacobean Willam said...

Glad to read this.


Kay Pitt said...

love the spirits in this,

way to go.

Grace Henry said...

this guy is my relative consin..
just kidding.
he looks handsome.

best wishes for his future promotions.

kshawnedgar said...

A masked ball, a clan of beauty.

Paul said...

Quirky, interesting post - thanks! Viewed from the UK it's a bit of a window into a different world...

ZQ said...

Well! This was an interesting reading experience.

Aya Wilson said...

impressive guy to know.
Thanks for this.