Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Tom: You Rock, Love You Always!

Award Winning Coloring from Tom, 2002

Tom, left, 2nd place,  ($10 at age 5),
see his coloring above

Front Row, Tom on Right, 
Very Important Person Award
from Still-water Middle School

God makes his decisions,
Music hovers on wide, curious oceans,
Tom is the gift of God,
In great satisfaction, we nod:
He can walk at age ten,
He can ride a bike without a handle bar,
In Kindergarten coloring contests,
Among hundreds, second place, he wins,
VIP, baseball, swimming,
and more, Tom's future is promising...

Tom, First Chair in Oklahoma City University OYS Orchestra

Tom, Doing Gymnastics

Tom, Batting at Baseball Field

Tom, playing Soccer

Tom, Oklahoma State University ..Student Union..

Tom, Corpse Christi, Texas, Beach...

Tom, Oklahoma City Zoo, love panda and bamboo forest...

Tom, Houston, Texas, Children Museum, 
Walking and running at age 11 month old, 
Thanksgiving holiday vacation

Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, Texas, Riding train to a town

Family Vacation at Houston, Texas Space Center...

Tom, Stillwater Boomer Lake Playground


Kathy G said...

Thanks for the pictures :-)

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Tonya Harris said...

this is lovely...

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Lovely post, and nice photos

Tonya Harris said...

Tom is cool...