Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never Put Yourself In A Wax

Forget about disagreement,
Never mind resentment,
Let's put on our performing customs,
and illustrate our talent in cosmos:
If I disguise myself as a tiger,
Would you match me as a lion?
If I turn myself into a rabbit,
Would you make yourself into a porcupine?
If I were to walk on tightrope,
Would you mind swinging on trapeze?
If I were morning,
Would you love to be evening?
Peace is opposite of wars,
Entertainment is the avenue to happiness of yours!
Join me for the fun and relax,
Never put yourself in a wax.


This is an entry for Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 20
Theme: Peace, Relaxations and Spirituality!
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I have been taking a short break over the week, Glad to be able to post again..
Happy Sunday 2 You All!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Rules Vanish But One (4 Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 19)

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Grab me some grapes,
plus slices of apple pies,
Beckon forth a pack of ties
with stars twinkling in your eyes.
The light sneaks in
and paint gold on the cello string,
all RULES vanish but one,
Music vibrating in honor of the sun.
The scripting of love
embraces you like a soft leather glove.
Minds go through
and leave magic in YOU!
I tremble
and feel humble:
The hope to live shall never die,
Count the blessings between You and I!


This is an entry for Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 19
Theme: Laws, Signs, and Regulations!
When it comes to poetry, there is NO laws or rules for me..I write how I feel…
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Poetry Potluck Week 19 , Everyone Is Welcome

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Happy Sunday!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Write Friday In 55 Words

Image credit: Magic in the Backyard writing prompt.

Free Write Friday Prompt: Imagination – Paint a story with words, Free Write Friday Week 2: Imagination!

Flash Fiction Friday 55 By G-man G-Man’s Flash Friday 55


Blogging is poetry with computers,
Poetry is blogging among communicators.
Poetry is music in poets' mind,
Music is a poem blowing prestige in wind.
Blogging is a passion to many an ambitious writer,
That's why billions of talents blog to grow brighter.
Let words do their own talk,
As we enjoy our daily blog walk.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arts In Magpie Writing

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The larger the house, the prettier the spouse;
The stronger the case, the thinner the brief;
The smaller the gaps, the happier the relations;
The lower the price, the shorter the life.


The deeper the snow, the greener the plants;
The higher the climb, the wider the views;
The shorter the talk, the sure the attention,
The funnier the joke, the louder the laugh.


_____, ______;

Your turn, can you make a pair of something?

Willow's magpie prompt

There are many things called art, Creative writing is one,Blogging is another, music, performing, and fashion, they are arts that can never divorced from life...

This is my entry 4 the following:

Magpie Tale :

ABC Wednesday at: (A is 4 Arts in life)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poetry And Me In 55 Words

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Poetry and me
Sound like my hubby and me:
Via poetry,
I see reality, fantasy, and geometry...
When it's with me,
I feel connected and happy;
When it deserts me, temporarily,
I feel lost and empty.
Poetry and me,
are both independent and inseparable,
Poetry fills my life with energy,
Random derivation? Let it Be!

Flash Fiction Friday 55 By G-man G-Man’s Flash Friday 55, Poets United Thursday Thinking Tank (Random Derivation):Thursday Thinking Tank (Random Derivation) and Thursday Poets Rally Week 37 Poetry With A Theme:Thursday Poets Rally Week 37 Poetry With A Theme

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life Is No Fun Without Z

X-axis is lonely,

Y-axis is lovely;

When two of them form a right angle,

They have built a plane, solid like a triangle.

X-Y plane is strong but flat,

soon they begin to dream of something more than that;

Z-axis is lonely,

XY-plane is lovely,

When three of them work together to form a family,

They constitute a beautiful space in geometry.

Thus, x-axis is cute,

xy-plane is cuter,

and xyz cubic space is the cutest.

please look at the graphs above,

Enjoy a good laugh!

Life is no fun without z,

you got to learn you a-b-c!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stay Calm, Be True!

Beautiful butterflies, brown or blue,
Flap their wings above a pool;
Blushing lovers, shy and new,
Fighting their ways to get through.
Count your blessings, day one and day two,
Bless everyone else you knew;
Allow people time to trust you,
stay calm, be true.
Get up early to see the sun arrive,
Prepare breakfast 4 your lovely wife.
Sit by the fire after a shower,
Capture the moment when love is as sweet as a flower.

This piece has won Romantic room of the week #11:

My Entry for 4 Room for Romance, See Prompt Here:Room 4 romance #11

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Prompts In 160-As Spring Begins

Born on reed beds,
The ugly duckling
keeps quacking and paddling.
Sickness healed,
Pain felt,
She's skilled.
As spring begins,
She turns
into a swan, grins.

My Entry 2 The Following Memes:

Sunday Scribbling:

Haiku Heights:

Monkey Man’s Sunday 160:

Happy 2010....

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