Tuesday, April 30, 2013

World Poetry Opting For Peace! By John Pous Celes

Peace is what the world needs fast
Peace is required most
Peace can't come by waging wars
Peace is born through great efforts!

Peace can dwell when love prevails
Peace is the driving force
Peace must last forever to
Keep the world love life firstly

Peace is the priceless wealth much sought
Peace must start from homes
Peace must spread through all nations
And fill hearts and minds of men

Peace is one that brings progress
Peace can bridge differences
Peace is made by dialogues
Peace is the key to world's happiness.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Organic Apple (a Tease On Eating Organic Fruits)


    I shop for fruit in stores with lots of signs that say
    They sell organic food from pesticide-free ground.
    I've heard that food is healthier when it's grown that way.
    Although the cost is more the logic does seem sound.
    But today I bought an apple and when first I took a bite
    I was shocked to see a worm in the middle of my stare,
    And even worse than that most disturbing sight
    Was to find that only half the worm was there.
    With anger and distress I was utterly aghast,
    Feeling nauseous almost to the point of panic.
    But those unpleasant feelings very quickly passed
    When I realized the worm had also been organic.

    Poem © 2009 Marvin Brandwin