Friday, March 29, 2013

Samson Agonistes by Milton

But patience is more oft the exercise
Of Saints, the trial of their fortitude,
Making them each his own Deliver,
And Victor over all
That tyranny or fortune can inflict.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poetry All The Way To Piano Keys: Music Is Great!

My Piano

I have elastic piano.
It has mustard on it.
Peanuts on it too.
Maybe if I stand still my piano won't wipe out.
Squirt me some mustard to dance with on the elastic floor.
Oh! How about some peanuts too.
Give me a piano to play the wipe out song.

By Taylor Davis (Elementary school student)

A Piano Play
Music, in variety thrives,
And the glory of song is within your eyes.
Trumpets and drums and fiddles too,
Reflect the songs I find in you.
Violins cry, cellos moan,
With music of dreams, of love, of home.
Deep within a piano plays,
Springing forth to you this day.
Providing a home for it and you,
I give you love and devotion too.

by Dennis R Graham