Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday Prompts (Short Story Slam in Alphabe-Thursday)

 Alphabe-Thursday (X=The Unknown Variable )

Bluebell Books  Short Story Slam Week 11

Time crawls like mosquitoes in our ears,
Darkness hits without minding our fears:
The unknown variable,
Invisible and miserable,
makes life controversial:
A dead woman keeps dancing in her feet,
Witches plot a naked parade,
Under the force of a spade,
Bubbling thoughts start to fade,
As trees lift their arms to comb their hair,
Strangers are approaching you from nowhere.
“Hoot”, “hoot”,
is what owls are calling,
“Psst”, “Psst”,
is what rain is talking,
“Boo”, “Boo”,
Here comes the unknown,
 “Sss”, “Sss”,
A vampire starts to blow bloody kisses at you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Angel Offers Her Peace Talk (Sunday Prompts)

The evil is practicing violence
in the dark,
Trees suffer,
with broken arms left in the park.
Not amused
to see nature being abused,
The angel offers her peace talk
while the humming bird does its ground work.
It seems such an important matter,
Even the clouds tilt to listen,
Raindrops fell on her eyelashes,
and made them glisten.


Prompt 187: Amuse at One Single Impression                

Haikus (4 Poets Rally Week 52)

A handful stars fall
On the Berlin wall, making
Rocks fly to the sky.
Falling into Fall
Season all of a sudden,
I fly to Heaven.
All of a sudden,
Fall falls with its arms open,
What festive event.
Losing her mother,
She boards on a train, letting
wheels ground her sorrows.
Poets Rally for fun,
Talents stand out and shine,
Divine treasure hunt.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Prompts-Haiku, Limerick, and More...


Haiku  3-5-3 Form:

A bull’s-eye,
A knot on a tie,
Make thoughts fly.

Haiku 5-7-5 form

Diet does do wonders,
To stay charming and fit,
Drink lots of water.

A Limerick:

I try to impress when I write,
But things aren’t always right,
Which topic to choose,
What term to use,
They often give me fright.

A Poem

In my mind there’s an art gallery,
Where nothing is dull,
Especially when George Washington on a shiny parquetry
turns his eyes on you.
You may see six-legged dogs,
You may find four-eyed frogs,
Be aware of pink sexy hogs,
Don’t get hit by flying logs.
Wash your face
before you enter a chess race.
Don’t yawn
when things go quiet before dawn.
Erase memories from your brain,
Digest bitter truth,
Leave behind everything that’s absurd,
Exit without missing a tooth.


Alphabe-Thursday (W=Weird Wonders )

Poetry Jam  (Imaginative Place)



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Prompts in Magpie Tale

You give the expressions of listening
To my thoughts, in a bamboo flute,
Tilting your heads toward where I’m standing
on this autumn evening,
Tree leaves tremble in breeze,
Resembling your hungry lips,
The moon bends over,
Holding her breath;
Bare feet,
Hair loose and falling,
Shadowy figures moving,
Uneasy melody,
I should have seen it coming…


Friday, September 16, 2011

Short Story Slam Week 10

The day is young,
The air is fresh with a rainbow in the sky,
Duck is alone,
and he decides to learn how to fly.
He has wings,
and feathers, the way birds do,
“I’m ready to change things.”
Duck decides to have his dream come true.
But, no matter how hard he tries,
He couldn’t lift himself up to the air.
Thus, frustrations gives him blue,
and he begins to envy anything that ends with flies,
dragonflies, fireflies, butterflies, …name a few...
“Life is unfair.”
Duck thinks, frowning at everything, old or new.
“Cheer up!”
The cow moos, loudly;
“What’s up?”
The butterfly speaks, timidly;
Bothered by the curious squirrel,
Duck decides not to start a quarrel,
Feeling like screaming,
He takes off his clothes,
and jumps into the pond next to where he is standing,
Duck is swimming,
With his animal friends remain close,
All smiling…
The water is cold,
Yet it feels perfect for him,
“Life is gold!”
Duck tells himself, breathing a sigh of relief.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Summer Vacation Acrostic in 55 Words

Summer is leaving tomorrow,
Usha's heart is filled with sorrow;
Met him during her summer vacation,
Made best friends with no hesitation;
Everyday, they've spent quality time together,
Volcanic passions gather,
A romance's cooking;
Can't help feeling
And caring,
They made love
Inside a sailboat,
Oh, my,
Now, time to let it go afloat.

 (V=Vacation, Very Rare One )

Poetry Jam  (Sea Adventure)

Flash Friday 55 with Mr. Knowitall: Write a fiction, a poem or a story, share..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Magpie Tale #82


I have a dream of fantasy,
I’ve handled it with passion,
My heart outgrows its fancy,
I had it out of my mission.
Now I can have peaceful sleep,
And my day is filled with musical beep.
As if in eternity I have been,
I enjoy the full blossom of imagination,
Blue sky against fluffy clouds,
Pop music with thrilled crowds,
Hillside with green grasses,
Pecan trees and poetic masses.


Magpie Tales

ABC Wednesday

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oxymoron plus humor in Magpie Tales

Silent wind blows,
Forgotten memories brew;
Midnight Sun glows,
Living ghosts stew;
Open plight,
Closed fight;
Sweet violence,
Thunderous Silence;
Handsome pressure,
Useless treasure;
A rotten beauty,
An offline duty;
A free Style,
A limited pile.


Alphabe-Thursday U is for useless treasure

ABC Wednesday  H is for handsome pressure

Poetry Jam (Humor in poetry)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Humor Post in Saturday Centus

Funny Bunny Fridays 

Saturday Centus: 106 words..

Here, I’m begging your pardon,

I will have a picnic party near a space garden,

Where we have many types of food,

you bet come with delicious mood,

One major appetizer is pizzas, that’s good,

stories will be added to the center,

lyrics are encouraged to enter...

Funny pizzas come in boxes,

Bunny pizzas are carried by foxes,

Space drink are flying kind,

what you can do is to open your mind;

A  show will be on,

while you eat, drink, and sing along;

"What kind of pizza is this?"

someone might wonder,

"A world class pizza to bring you bliss."

You can respond to make them ponder.