Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Institute for Advanced Studies To University of Texas at Austin: Supports for Jiahong and Jiyan Are Increasingly Amazing!

At Institute for Advanced Studies,
Jiahong made friends with Sijue Wu
(University of Michigan), and Siye Wu
(University of Colorado at Boulder)...
After the family moved to University of Texas
at Austin, Jerry Bona was attentive
to Jiahong's research, Jiahong and Jiyan
were blessed to have Tom born on
December 25, 1997, at Austin, Texas...

Image Credit:, on Institute for Advanced Studies and University of Texas at Austin..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rain In Heaven!

There was a song she found herself singing,
She heard a scream,
There was no car ahead,
She couldn't stop herself from driving.
She dove off the concrete without a thought,
It started to rain all of a sudden,
She saw a curtain of arrows,
Splash, she was excited.
It was 9pm at H-35,
The Area Code of Love,
The song she was singing puts
its arms around her wrist.
Why write poetry?
It's rainy in Heaven,
so let's have the music on,
and write the story of our life in lyrics.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maine (ME) State=Mozilla+Internet Ex.+Chrome+Mark+Mao+Margret+Inn+Inc.+Linn+McCain+Thorne+Mary+Chimnese+August+Talbolt

Maine (=ME) State Facts:
Animal: Moose
Berry: Wild Blueberry
Bird: Chickadee
Cat: Maine Coon Cat
Flower: White Pine Cone
Fossil: Pertica Quadrifaria
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Herb: Wintergreen
Insect: Honeybee
Motto: Dirigo (I Lead)
Nickname: The Pine Tree State
Song: "State of Maine Song" by Roger Vinton Snow
Tree: White Pine
Vessel: The arctic exploration schooner "Bowdoin"