Thursday, February 27, 2014



Brain walls: bio-insulation keeps me cosy
in my hidden room.

Eye balls: bio-windows let me peer and sneer
upon our filthy race, with

Ear holes – bio-microphones – assuming tones
I only wish to face.

Inside, I flit between assimilation,
fantasy, and desperation – each another room
for me to occupy –

as in a nest or burrow, a honeycombed hive –
fathoming which to best survive in;
harbour me from that outside.
Shit! It’s just as bad in here –
I need another den to hide in!

So where’s a niche to keep me from the world,
but also from my rabid head?
Yes, of course –! it’s being dead.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

Thursday, February 6, 2014

From Health First (Health First =JianKong DiYi)

88 Year Old Yoga Teacher Shares Her Secret
Behind Limitless Energy!!!

88 Year Old Yoga Teacher Shares Her Secret<br /> Behind Limitless Energy!!!
I remember the day like yesterday.
It was a brisk September afternoon and I had just signed up for my very first yoga class. My best friend Anne, had just bought me a 10 day pass to help me get back in shape.
I guess she noticed I had been a little low on energy and had been down in the dumps after putting on a few unexplained pounds. 
Anne  had been bragging about this yoga class for years and had repeatedly said that it has one of the best instructors going around.
Most of the time I would politely ignore her rhapsodies, but for some reason this time I listened to her.
What was so special about this yoga instructor?
More on that later.
As I walked across  hard wood yoga floor I casually looked at everyone in the class and then found myself a blue yoga matt to sit on.  I sat there anxiously and waited for the instructor to arrive.
When she did… I  couldn’t believe my eyes.  
She was quite small, but she had a certain glow about her as well.
She then started to stretch and thanked everyone for the birthday cards and well wishes and she said that her 88th birthday was her best ever.
Wait.. what? Did I hear that correctly? Did she just say she was 88 years old?
I was dumbstruck.
Amazingly she was. But what was truly amazing was that she was in fantastic condition. From doing the ‘downward dog’ the ‘splits’ and the ‘cobra’ she seemed to just have limitless energy.
I had to know what her secret was.
Was it her diet? Her years of Yoga? Or just good genetics? I wasn’t sure... but I needed to find out.
After the class and 45 minutes of yoga I was exhausted, but she was still brimming with energy. I went up  and introduced myself.
I remember our conversation like it was yesterday.
“What’s your secret” I asked her? Not being able to hold back my enthusiasm.
She looked at me quizzically.
“What’s my secret for what?” She said back playfully.
“How do you have so much energy??!! I mean I have never seen any 88 year old being able to teach yoga for 45 minutes and still have energy to burn” She laughed and then told me a quick story.
She told me that a long time ago when she was travelling in India she discovered that when she would eat a certain combination of foods, her energy levels would go through the roof. 
I raised my eyebrow and was skeptical.
But the proof was right in front of my eyes. She was 88 years old, could bend her body like a pretzel, was a full time grandmother and still had  more energy than most 45 year olds.
What? Can you say that again?

She told me that years ago she discovered that when she ate a combination of
broccoli, green tea extract and spirulina her energy levels dramatically increased.
She said that since then she’s felt great and that now she never went a day without eating this magic combination of superfoods.
I can still remember her face and how her eyes lit up when she was telling me this.
After I got home from the class, I needed more answers, so it was time to do some research.
After plowing through hundreds of websites, research papers and medical journals I found a scientific study that backed up the yoga instructor’s extraordinary finding.
A research team in New Zealand found that when you combine these 3 magic ingredients something incredible happens.
The researchers found that when specific quantities of these foods are combined… the enzymes in your digestive track start to absorb more of the nutrients from the food you already eat.
And so simple as well.
It’s so obvious that if your body can absorb more of your nutrients from the food you already eat….. of course you will have lots more energy.
So then began my search to try and find if any places actually made a drink, or a powder or anything that had this magic combination of ingredients.
I wanted a powder or a ready made drink as I couldn’t see myself blending these foods together every day.
After some more surfing the web I came across a company called Athletic Greens.
I dug into who Athletic Greens were, what they stood for, and whether or not their product worked.
I found that Athletic Greens uses over 75 vegetables and had been specially formulated with broccoli, green tea extract and spirulina in order to maximize nutrient absorption.
I had to try it.
I didn’t care about the cost so I happily paid the $97…. because if this product worked…it would be an absolute bargain.
After a few days of anxiously waiting by the mailbox for my Athletic Greens, it finally arrived.
I opened it immediately and put one tea spoon of the powder into a cup of water, stirred it round and drank it down.
It tasted sweet and and refreshing – not at all what I was expecting.
After finishing the glass I was expecting miracles straight away.
But nothing happened…. So I waited.
And then waited some more.
I drank one glass of Athletic Greens each morning for 5 days and I didn’t notice any changes.
But then on day 6…I noticed a shift.
Somehow I no longer felt tired. My joints felt better and I felt like I could run through walls.I had not felt like this in years.

I felt like I could conquer the world.
I sat down for a minute and gathered my thoughts. I remembered the day when I first met the Yoga Instructor and what she said to me about this magic combination of superfoods.
And after only 6 days of taking Athletic Greens, I believed every word she told me.
Now, it’s been over 6 months since I first started drinking Athletic Greens– and I still feel great and my energy levels remain sky high.
Not surprisingly Athletic Greens has been getting a lot of press lately because best selling fitness authors like Tim Ferriss and world champion athletes are constantly promoting and using this amazing product.
Anyway I am really glad you have read this far, because I know at the moment Athletic Greens has a marketing special running and for the next few weeks Athletic Greens is offering a risk Free Trial of their product to those who qualify.
This means you DON’T have to pay the regular $97 price tag (which everyone still else still has to pay) and all you have to do is pay a small shipping and handling fee.
If you’re anything like me, you ‘re probably really skeptical about any product that promises the world.
But the great thing with this risk free trial is that you can discover for yourself whether Athletic Greens is the real deal. I assure you it is.
Plus if you don’t notice a big surge in your energy during your Risk Free Trial… simply email to cancel your order. It’s that simple. You truly have no risk.
So give it a try.
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Mary J