Friday, May 27, 2011

A Short Story In 55 Words on Salt Lake City

Jim got a job offer at Salt Lake City! A dream comes true!

He grinned BIG as he imaged hiking in snow-covered mountain in July, swimming naked under a cave, and toasting mush-mellows near camping fire...

Lucy wished to follow him, but her mother has breast cancer and needs her...

Thoughts jumble, Lucy couldn't go.


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Short Story Slam Week 2

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do You Think Stones Have Spirits?

living seeds, like living thoughts or ideas, grow and expand life.

Stones won’t grow, they are detached and rather independent, they could be ultilized to make beautiful houses, but stones accomplish little when it comes to growth. If you plant rocks, your garden reman sterile and unproductive.

Thoughts change the world.

Do you think stones have spirits?

What is your opinion of rocks or stones in comparison with plants in nature or ideas in human minds?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

ABC Wednesday/Magpie Tales-I Love Books

I love books,
I truly do,
Books of passions
and stories that glow,
Books of expressions
and people we must know.
A book is a tale of castles and kings,
A book is an escape of upset things,
Find a spot where you can hide,
Let a book take you for a mental ride.
Words breathe life from start to end,
A good book is a good friend.
Words can blow clouds away,
Words can create dramas to satisfy your fantasy.
I love books,
I truly do.
Books of pictures
and places, too.
Books of adventures
and facts that are true.

ABC Wednesday, R is for reading

Magpie Tale

and Short Story Slam: Prompt #1 is open until Friday, 10pm, Welcome In!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5=Flash Fiction Friday 55 , Happy Mother's Day and More...

Like a used teabag
After done drinking,
the fatigue of a dying relation
places one’s mood in neutral position,
It’s done,
time to discover some novel fun.
You may add water to have another sip,
Yet, the taste is far less deep.
“knock, knock,”
“Who’s there?”
“Scott who?”
“Someone new.”
“Archoo!!!! ;)”

My entry to the following memes, Happy Weekend! Happy Mother's Day!

Lots of Laughter: Free Form,

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And Pink Saturday, Happy Mother’s Day to You All!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There Is Always Another Story (4 Poets Rally Week 43)

There is always another day,
Cloudy or sunny;
There is always another story,
Sad or funny,
Let go of faded dreams,
Never mind silent screams;
Offer yourself a small patch,
Where you can garden;
Have an agenda in sketch,
So that you carry no pardon;
At the darkest hour,
Wait for early birds chirp,
As the sun greets the flower,
Watch the morning dew drip.

My entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 43, Which takes place May 5-12, A free verse is accepted, every poet is welcome Here

Exciting News!

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