Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring Haiku

as heavy white snow
paint our face with ice and flu,
spring is beneath earth.
At last the Bostons
scope away those black concrete
to fasten their spring speed.
at the coldest night
she wraps her arms around him, sight
seeing spring in pain.

Monday, February 2, 2015

In February

with thoughts bubbling like thunder clapping from the sky,
I open my notebook on kitchen table,
entrusting words to the field of butterfly,
pondering the weather to the forecast of love.
and at times when i obtain up to 20,000 steps on fitbit,
leveling the man who sleeps at the same bed,
i think of how wild we have become:
a family braves their way to a safe retreat.
with a man and a woman thinking so differently,
we pave a path so wide
while we threats rain, like
some midnight wolf's haul....
we could eat lots of greens
to conquer the neghgent challenges
as if we knew that
February brings promises of spring.
Yes, we would persist
and empower the world
about solar energy and
spirit faith knowledge.
believing that the universe
is hearing us out....

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