Friday, April 29, 2011

Magpie Tale & A-Z: X=X-ray, Y=Yarn, Z=Zebra

There are lots of visions in me,
They appear as dreamy as they can be;
Whenever I feel sleep,
Things start to haunt me, so deep.
I see whisker-faced kitten,
Good and cute sheep,
yellow feet of a chicken,
and walkies-talkies that beep.
I also see faces that are tan,
golden rays of the sun,
stars and their many a fan,
plus smiles on people’s faces, yours and mine!
I see poetry on your web page,
arts hanging on back of your door,
the ballerina dancers on stage,
plus music you’ve never heard before.
I see cucumbers and tomatoes,
cauliflowers and potatoes,
roasted ham, crispy and golden,
plus blueberry muffins, hot from the oven.
I see spaceship,
birds passing over my head,
evidence of friendship,
plus sailboats facing waves with no dread.
Of course, reveries also roll inside me,
Yet I want them stay in dreams and float free.
when I wake up,
I will simply hang them up…




My entry for the following memes:

A-Z Challenge: X, Y, Z

and Magpie Tale #63

Thanks for reading, Happy Friday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

200th Post-Thankful of You in A-Z Challenge

Blogging feels like paradise
because of YOU, who is very wise!
It’s you
who filled this space with fresh air,
It’s you
who inspired my writing
with a rocking chair;
It’s you
who filled my comment box
with words apt and bright,
It’s you
who painted this part of sky
with rainbow and sunlight;
It’s you
who inspired me
how to have fun,
It’s you
who showed me
how to turn water into wine;
It’s you
Who fed my soul
with motivation and education.
It’s you
Who demonstrated to me that
loving your enemy leads to relaxation.

A-Z Challenge: U, V, W

U=You, V=Very, W=Wise

Ting’s Thankful Tuesday

on April 20, 2011, it was one year blogging anniversary of this special blog, and

After 5 days, today, I am posting my 200th post, I am thankful for all of YOU who have followed my blog and commented to encourage my continuation of this journey…

Happy End of April!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A-Z challenge: R=Rain, S=Silence, T=Topology

Rain is the scent of spring,
The catalyst of passion,
The balm of pain,
The signal of transformation.

Silence is the time to feel
Something real,
Yet, it is still
And has strong will to fulfill.

I own all an apology,
I am no good at topology,
I love algebra and symmetry,
Yet go panic on advanced geometry.

A-Z Challenge: R, S, T

Monday Poetry Potluck W32 Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck, enjoy poetic friends, You are invited!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A-Z Challenge: P=Panda, Q=Questions, Special Award Contest

Panda bear,
Apt and rare,
Not many exist somehow,
Do your share to save them NOW,
Actions are valued, Wow!

Quadratic equation,
Unique impression,
Exponential function,
Special Expression,
Transpose of a matrix,
Interesting math tricks,
Occupations differ,
No one is better,
Square 5 to get 25, high Five!

The Most Promising Poet Award

Talented Writer Award

Blogger Buddy Award

Magical Butterfly Award


A-Z Challenge: P, Q

Monday Poetry Potluck W31 Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck, enjoy poetic friends, You are invited!,

It has been more than two weeks since I have taken A-Z challenge, I am pleased to be able to get to know so many talented writers/fabulous bloggers, today, I am posting 4 awards above, trying to show my admiration and appreciations to my new blogging friends.

How to win these Awards:

If you are in A-Z challenge, you are reading this post, please leave a comment under my post, I will select winners from COMMENT SECTION only and notify you by Friday this week.

If you are a general follower of Jingle or a poet in Jingle Poetry community, I also ask you to leave a comment under this post, I will pick winners based on your comments.

These AWARDS will be given to those who wish to have them and have left a comment under this post ONLY!

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday/Monday Prompts: N=Nike Shoes, O=Orange Juice

Nike shoes,
Orange juice,
Smiling faces,
Inviting places,
Positive attitude,
Fair Aptitude,
Mutual understanding,
Respectful bonding,
"These are a few of my favorite things,"
Keep in mind, thought have wings.

My entry to the following memes:

A-Z Challenge: N, O

Poetry Pantry at Poets United

Monday Poetry Potluck W31 Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck, enjoy poetic friends, You are invited!,

Blue Monday

And Mellow Yellow Monday

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A-Z Challenge=A Sonnet on M, L: Mushroom & Ladybug

A ladybug relaxes on a mushroom,
enjoying nature as a classroom,
It starts to rain,
The ladybug feels the pain.
She crawls under the mushroom's arms,
and nothing seems doing her harms,
A running hare steps on the mushroom's head,
So sad, the mushroom is hurt.
The ladybug is alive,
She encourages the mushroom to survive,
Together they form a charming view,
Cherishing life as if it is anew,
Their power may be small,
But courage makes them tall.

My entry for the following memes:

A-Z Challenge: M, L

Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United: You First

ABC Wednesday, M

And Alphabe-Thursday, Thursday Alphabet Soup

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z Challenge=J, K: Jay...Knitting Project

Jay Is Just GREAT!

Jigsaw Puzzle Is Fun!

Knitting Project Is NEAT!

Kitten Is Cute!

A-Z Challenge: J, K,

Monday, April 11, 2011

A-Z=I: I Enjoy Isolation

I enjoy isolation!

It is part of creative evolution,
Isolation projects satisfaction,
Via lots of actions,
Without direct objection,
Away from distractions,
Isolation is writers’ paradise,
A quality time to compose and surprise.

I enjoy isolation!

A quality time to compose and surprise,
Isolation is writers’ paradise,
Away from distractions,
Without direct objection,
Via lots of actions,
Isolation projects satisfaction,
It is part of creative evolution.


There are three different ways to write Palindrome poems, according to Inside My Poem Book:

1. Word Palindrome :- It can be read backwards, with the same words, for example, level, MADAM, racecar..
2. Mirrored Palindrome :-Here the words are reads the same forwards and backwards by letter and it is more difficult to write one
3. Line Palindrome :- in which the individual lines of a text make a palindromic sequence, that is, which reads forwards and backwards, by lines.

I write a Line Palindrome poetry on "I" and entering the following memes:
A-Z Challenge: I is 4 Isolation,

Monday Poetry Potluck W30 Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck, enjoy poetic friends, You are invited!,

and Experiencing Poetry Forum Week 14: Palindrome,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Wishes in 160

Getting smarter,
Raining smiles,
Out of the ground,
Happy Birthday 2 all April Babies!
Have free time?
Write a 160,
Tag Monkey man!

A-Z Challenge: G is 4 Growth, H is 4 Happy,

Sunday 160,

And Monday Poetry Potluck W30 Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck, enjoy poetic friends, You are invited!,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Tent Poetry/A-Z, F Is 4 Fish, G-man's FF 55

I like fish.

Words portraying fish could capture humans as well:

young fish, old fish;

big fish, small fish;

happy fish, sad fish;

runaway fish, teenager fish;

MY poems on Fish:

As yellowish as gold,

I‘m a naughty little fish

Refusing to grow old!


I'm a baby fish

That is fluffy, fatty,

And witty!


If you were a fish, what kind of fish do you want to be?

This is written 4 Flash Friday 55, A-Z Challenge, and Big Tent Poetry!

Flash Friday 55 at G-Man’s

A-Z Challenge: F, G,

and Big Tent Poetry: Fish

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alone Together (4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 41)

Alone together,

For worse or for better,

No need to know your past,

No worrying about your look,

Let the cold fire blast

so that written words hook,

Miserable happiness will enlighten the darkness,

Alone together,

That’s joyful terror,

Alone together,

No other phrase to say it fairer,

Alone together,

No way to surpass the wether.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Morning Dew, Paris Dusk...A-Z Challenge on D & E

Spring has sprung,
Morning dew,
Paris Dusk,
Magic in nature has begun.
See the eagle fly,
Wave to Easter Bunny
and say Hi,
Bathe in enthusiastic mood and cry.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Prompts in Haikus

A-Z challenge
is as cute as a puppy,
making some happy.

Write a poem each day,
2 celebrate national
Poetry month, Hurray!

The game of life may
look like a puppet show, yet,
Many see the other way.

My Entry for the following memes, Happy Sunday/Monday!

A-Z Challenge: C Is 4 Challenge

Poetry Pantry

Haiku Heights: Puppet

and Lots of Laughter: Free Form


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