Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Tent Poetry & A-Z Challenge In 55 Words

Battle at the baseball game,
The atmosphere is not the same,
Each player has an equal chance to bat,
as the fans outside the field sat,
Assault and battery are not welcome,
Batting and pitching skills are winsome,
1, 2, 3, strike,
the power's stiletto alike,
see the ball fly,
A home run, some cry!

My Entry for the following Memes:

Flash Friday 55 at G-Man’s

A-Z Challenge: B Is for Big Tent Poetry and Baseball

and Big Tent Poetry: Stillettos/Feathers, no wearing them

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A-Z Challenge: A is 4 Air

Hot air,
Cold air,
Air makes life fun and fair;
Fresh air,
Foul air,
Air is something we all share;
Invisible air,
Visible air,
Air's our life's magical affair.

A-Z Blogging Challenge: A is 4 Air

Monday, March 28, 2011

ABC Wednesday-K Is 4 Koala

Hello, Uploaded a few Koala shots, Hope you like them..
Happy Spring...

This is my entry 4 ABC Wednesday, K is 4 Koala

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flash Friday 55-Pam's Heart Sinks

Pam's heart sinks!

Her ex-husband is dead!

She was his first love, both of them had full time jobs, life seemed perfect until their son was born.

She left after catching him kissing their son's babysitter...

He remarried,

discovering that his young wife had HIV.

Now, their son has to grow up without his father.

My Entry For Flash Friday 55 at G-Man’s, This is a FICTION!

Happy Friday!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy 2 The Beginning of Spring

Joy to the beginning of Spring,
As I see earth in pure green,
Joy to College freshman’s Spring Fling,
where refreshed energy erupts in human.
Birds wake up early to let out their happy cry,
Church bells give their merriest ring,
Emotions in baseball field run sky high,
Home runner is treated like a sport king.
Spring and love are inseparable,
Life without spring is intolerable.
Spring fills hearts with infinite joys
As you and I feel as young as little girls/boys.

My Entry to Writer’s Island: Inseparable,

victoria’s Monday Challenge: Spring,

March Challenge: New Beginnings,

and ABC Wednesday: J is 4 Joy

Happy Monday,
Happy Spring!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Tent Poetry/Thursday Thinking Tank in 55 Words-Life Could Be So Unaffair

Lila cried her heart out.
Her hubby was hit by a crane
and is gone,
Leaving her and her unborn baby alone...
He had been a gentleman,
Everything was perfect in between
until the earthquake,
Now She wanted to scream,
But does that help?
Life could be so unfair,
She murmured, eyes making empty stare.

This is my entry 4 Flash Friday 55 at G-Man’s,

Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United: Hope

Belinda’s Hope Effort

and Big Tent Poetry: Stuck /New Hope,

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Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

W Word Challenge-Wendy, Sandy, and Matty Housecleaning

Bare feet,
Hop around, quick.
Room to room,
Their hands move like a broom,
Their eyes scan
everything like a machine.
Agile as a bird,
They fly in the house, back and forth,
Everything moves and improves, not a word,
All done, sigh, no more chores.

My Entry 4 Alphabe-Thursday: W is 4 Wendy...
Alphabe-Thursday:W is 4 Wendy…
Have Fun Today, love you all!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Each Move Needs One to Be Brave (On Japan Earthquake 4 Poetry Potluck)

Japan Earthquake Images from

On an island of this earth
Where seaweed is wrapped around sushi,
Plates of rocks under the sea crack,
Leading to towering rage of waves,
Mud, bricks, wind, and screams of voices,
What shocking wrecks and grieves.
I listen, watching it dreadfully,
The aftermath drowns me,
How sad this is not foreseen,
How bad this is real even in computer screen,
Dead folks haunt the shores
As survivors clinch their jaws.
People have to live it dryly
As they compile their mess daily.
What to leave, what to save,
Each move needs one to be brave.
No more water and sneers,
I would love to have some beers.


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Tent Poetry -When Science Is Political

Mathematical Science

Social Science


When it comes to science,
You have to think it more than once,
Mathematical science is hard,
Conquering it could break your heart;
Physics is harder,
How to control nuclear weapons is an art;
Human/animal science seem fun,
But it takes you at least 5 years to get the degree done;

When numbers are imaginary,
Mathematics becomes complex;
When science is political,
Thoughts you share become critical;
Politics is science,
Writing is art,
Presidents of all nations are political scientists,
Citizens who blog are visual artists,
Now you know that not all science involve equations,
Education makes all the professions.

Political Science Majors


Big Tent Poetry: Science

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Tent Poetry In 55 Words

Boyish smiles on face,
Tangled hair shows grace,
Without question, dreams creep
in her sleep.
Typically, there may be a ship
with parties and gasps,
There may be a partnership
with defying parades,
No flames seen unless you knock her thigh
and wake her up to clarify,
If she's mad,
Everything is a secret, unsaid.

This is an entry for the following: G-man’s Flash Friday 55, Big Ten Poetry, And Writer’s Island: Secret

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday 160 Plus More...

My parents are my role models,
Dad writes research papers outside homes
While Mom reads me lots of poems,
Now I can't go to sleep
unless a book is in my keep.

My Entry 2 The Following Memes, Have FUN! Thanks 4 Commenting...

Sunday 160,

Monday’s Child,

Share 1 to 3 poems with Jingle Poetry Potluck today,

Blue Monday

And Mellow Yellow Monday

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Write Friday in 55 Words

Near a lovely bay,
under an old oak tree,
a girl sits down to pray:
One of her best friends got HIV,
Another one turned out gay,
Her family wants her to stay away,
But friendship is perfect,
How can she handle these? you say,
God, lead the way!
Let love brighten up the day.

This is my entry 4 Free Write Friday Free Write Friday, Trees And Flash Friday 55 G-man’s Flash Friday 55

It is all fiction!
Happy Weekend,
Thanks for the Encouragement and Support.

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