Friday, October 23, 2015

Obama, White House, and Halloween Witch Parties

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when it comes to O,
we think of October Write Month by Morgan Dragonwillow,
Obama, Octopus, Outdoor Wednesday,  and Ochs Realtor
in addition, we Observer Halloween on October 31

now, a witch has turned on a switch,
the light bulb is on,
the tension is built,
we must find a way to cool off

Trubes takes about Odd Odes,
melody speaks of OLD Navy and old eggs,
Meryl does an Overview on This ONe Summer,
no ONE way street, but two way around

at last, we think of Oklahoma, Oregon, O'Colly,
believing that Berowne is excellent story spinner,
Reader Wil has a huge Go on OK manner,
and WE Wish You A Merry Christmas and

A Witch Craft In Obama White House Lawn

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

I see what I image

I see a page flipping
I see a police car flashing
I see a boy speaking
I see a man stalking

I see what i image
I check with amazon dot com
I google up poets online
I have so much freedom fun