Saturday, January 13, 2018

between ann hargis and tanya raun

I may not know you well
but know some of tanya raun
when ann hargis decides to live in Atlanta
we all move to the same location,
who dare to challenge David Schmidly?
who cares more about Chris Day than Emily Farris?
as we recall Sophia Bollag, Skylar Zhang, Hannah Constantin,
we match them up with Julia Wright, Amelia Wilson, and Dana Raun

today the weather is cool,
sunny and dry
Boomer lake is empty
philipe 66 and conoco is calm
Cleo Payne and Mary Fallin feel settled,
so do Pamela Murphy, Sam Walton, Larry shell,
thank a lot to J. D. Henneberry, Chris Raun, Trenton Passmore,
my car has stopped having gas jams
Gary Johnson and Jerry Funk jump high, way to Carney, Perry, and Denton
Les Miles, Megan Turner, Jack Turner, Mark Brown, all
quit shaking their heads to George Bush, or Barack Obama