Friday, May 31, 2013

Together by Terence Lorenzo Amaral


Together we run
Splashing in puddles of water
Like terriers in a fun frenzy
Merrily chasing each other
Together we walk
side by side towards our future
The glory of the morning sun
And the eternal light, which is our destiny
Together we lie
Entwined in love
Matched with spirits
With bonds that don't break
Together we speak
beautiful words, songs and laments
Whatever the day may bring
No secrets which we cannot tell
Together we vow
To fight and strive
To make it work
To live, to love
Together, yes
Always together
from this day onwards
Together, we go

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Funny Words by Asya Oxbow Scholl


English has some funny words
They give my mind the jitters
They sound the same to you and me,
But are spelled with different letters.
There's see and sea
Ans be and bee
It's terrible confusing!
There's new and knew
And through and threw.
It's really not amusing!
There's deer and dear
And here and hear.
It's horribly disturbing!
There's there and their
And bare and bear.
It's really most perturbing!

English is a Pain (Pane)
Rain, reign, rein
English is a pain.
Although the words
Sound just alike,
The spelling's not the same.

Bee, be, b
I'd rather climb a tree
Than learn to spell
The same old word,
Not just one way, but three!

Sight, site, cite,
I try with all my might.
No matter which
I finally choose,
It's not the one that's right!

There, their, they're,
Enough to mak you swear.
Too many ways
To write the one sound,
I just don't think it's fair!

To, two, too
So what's a kid to do!
I think I'll go
To live on Mars
And leave this mess with ewe!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Waving Song for OSU by Andy Moon Lester

The Waving Song for OSU

Oklahoma State! Oklahoma State!
We'll sing your praise tonight;
To let you know wherever we go,
For the Orange and Black we'll fight
We'll sing your worth o'er all the Earth
And shout: Ki Yi! Ki Ye!
In books of fame we'll write your name,
Oklahoma State! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Justice Or Peace by Joseph Stair Schofer

How can be a difference between peace and justice
I never knew there could be a difference
Among these two essential points for survival our world's
I always thought they complete each other
Humanity's world has got destroyed
How can the world bear all these woes
But if ill be asked to choose among those
Justice or the peace
I would choose the peace
Because without peace lives stop surviving
As well as the world
But what's the meaning of justice
It's the difference among our thoughts
Thoughts if neglected lives will be survived
But when the peace deserts our lives
No one will stay alive
So for what is your justice when it will take lives