Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magpie Tale #34-I Am Who I Am

I am who I am,
I am independent;
I don't rely on Uncle Sam,
I am confident.
When I am at work,
I strive to do my best:
I inspire kids to do their homework,
I am at peace when they rest.
I feel extraordinary
4 being pure ordinary.
A light bulb may be fancy to choose,
A candle may be romantic to use.
But I am who I am,
I play my games fair,
And I genuinely care.

This is a magpie tale hosted by willow.
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Monday, September 27, 2010


Too small for U. S. Cents,

Too rare to be in historical museum,

Too heavy to make sense,

Too abstract to dwell in the hands of the child.


A shooting star soars cross the sky,

A spark flashes through the squeezing rocks,

A lightening flies by,

A basket of wool to make warm socks.


All promises freeze like ice,

All greetings ring like bells.

All gamblers focus on the dice,

All smiles ripple under the spells.


Hides behind the time that flies,

Dances in the hands that knit ties.

Hope is like the invisible air,

It makes stirs everywhere….

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Love The Smell of Autumn

I Love The Smell Of Autumn!

its wings in full length,
in the air with the strongest strength,
She rise,

All over the world, the inspiration,
The magical touch of compassion,
Marks down the blasting fame of the peony,
The queen of purity,
and maturity.
The crisp orange color,
The thundering beat of humming bird wings,
The smell of festivity,
Evoke the satisfaction of life,
The upgrade of writings,
And the magic of overcoming adversity.


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Happy Writing,
Happy Blogging,
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

55-A Frog Is A Frog

A frog is a frog,

A toad is a toad,

A frog loves a log,

A toad crawls on a road.

When a toad wants to be a frog,

He is daydreaming.

When a toad is disguised as a frog,

He is self-insulting.

Be yourself,

Don’t lie!

Respect others,

Stop stirring up a fire.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creative Fire

Flinging out of the furnace
R the flames
That leap forward,
With No sound,
The intense desire
Of the fire
Bursts like a hungry hound,
Searching and wolfing down preys
On the hunting ground.
Creative fire
Has NO patience,
Carries NO weight.
Creative fire,
Starts from sparks of flint,
Burns from the deepest part
Of your heart
In thousand of degree
And sets you free
In unexpected way!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

You Deserve Happiness

What is happiness? How do you define happiness? What makes you happy?

Different people have different interpretations. Happiness is an ocean on which each of us sails our own personal ships.

For some, being successful is happiness, for the other, being healthy physically and mentally is happiness. No matter what makes you happy, one thing is true: Happy people are at their best, as a result, they perform well and succeed more likely than less happier peers. A happy individual knows how to handle stress at both personal level and professional level, A happy person laughs a lot, listens to music a great deal, and comprehends the science of being upbeat and positive.

This is how I understand H. A. P. P. Y.






Everyone deserves happiness.

You Deserve Happiness. I wish you happiness for Friday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Appreciation Is Good Food

Food could be good,
Food could be crude,
One shall appreciate food.
Plants r in good mood
When weeds r pulled
And pests r controlled.
Smile if u could,
Be considerate if u would,
Appreciation is good food.

This is entry 4 Haiku Wednesday (food)
4 Haiku Height (Appreciation)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Jingle Twister Poem 4 Monday Poetry Potluck Party

I like the word Jingle, I choose it as my pen name because it represents my ideals and captures my desires: to live a life, with sound purposes and remarkable journeys.

I like studying WORDS, today I visited a few blogs that have WORDS tagged, what fun!

I write this Jingle Twister to demonstrate my passion in Word Games!

Jingle Juggle

Jiggle Jingle

Jingle Single

Wiggle Jingle

Jingle Sizzle

Puzzle Jingle

Jingle Mingle

Tickle Jingle

Jingle Twinkle

Giggle Jingle

Jingle Winkle

Wrinkle Jingle

Jingle Yingle

Whistle Jingle

Do the Jingle Twister, do you have any twisted fun?

It does not matter, I wanted to say, I love words, they make me feel rich and satisfied!

Wishing all of you a Grand Day Ahead!

This is an entry 4 Monday Poetry Potluck at a brand new poetry community named Jingle Poetry, If you are a poet and interested in sharing poetry, this is a perfect opportunity 4 u, simply link in 1 to 3 poems published from your blog, share and enjoy! The link starts at 8pm Sunday evening, lasts for 48 hours...

Happy Sunday!

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

55-If U R A Wall

Being a piece of wall
is not enjoyable at all.
Unlike a door
that opens and closes,
I am grounded on the floor,
Listening to life's imperfect proses.
I spy ghosts
Winking at 55 word challenge posts.
I protect,
I also reflect
and detect.
If u r a wall,
how would u feel after all?


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Besides December,

U shall remember


A time everything changes,

A season position switches.

As poets go through the mill,

Pumpkins dominate the marketplace in town,

U sense the winds chill,

And eyewitness the leaves turning brown.

September is a magical season,

Your mood goes cheery for many a reason:

The ocean waves rising,

The orchards ripening,

The barns haunting,

The romance happening.

The baby sleeping,

The mother smiling...

Month of the Year Challenge (September)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Microfiction Monday In Blue

Lost in the sea
With towering waves
Blocking my way,
2 God I pray,
Please halt my grieves
by leading the way
2 a safe and sound bay.


An Entry 4 Micro-fiction Monday at Stony River By Susan:

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Happy Labor Day,
Happy Monday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Magpie Tale-The Tolerance of Everything

Upon the beginning of Fall,
Where apple trees stand proud and tall,
U see apples hang up high,
Some are brave, some are shy.
Apples come in various shapes and sizes,
The benefits of eating them outshine any prizes.
When hunger hits you big,
U have No chance to pick.
In an apple eating contest,
Things happen in the way you may have never guessed.
Crunch, Crunch,
Eat them raw,
Munch, Munch,
Exercise your jaw.
Three days without a meal,
U swallow 54 apples in a row,
With the 55th apple you must deal,
U bite into an apple with a flaw,
Everyone laughs at you
When you chew,
And complete your due.
U win the competition
With your freshly demonstrated reputation-
The tolerance of everything


This is an entry 4 Magpie Tale #30 which is hosted by willow at:
Happy Friday,
Happy Story Telling!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

55 Words Begin with Letter G

Gradually Gain,
Gracefully Grin;
Gratefully Get,
Greatly Greet;
Gorgeously Glow,
Genuinely Grow.
Gently Glide,
Ghastly Gaze;
Gleefully Gasp,
Generally Gamble.
Grudgingly Grind,
Ghostly Gather.
Generally Give,
Girlishly Giggle.
Gigantically Go,
Gratifying Grab.
Glamorously Graduate,
Gruelingly Grip.
Groundlessly Groan,
Grumpily Grunt.
Guiltlessly Guarantee,
Gullibly Gush.
Gingerly Glance,
Gifted Garden,
Good Goal,
Go, Go, G-man!

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Happy September!
Happy Autumn!