Thursday, June 27, 2013

Individual power cannot always win

Look, If there is one thing I've learned,
It's That
Learning is observing, My friend!
Sunbeams glittering outside my window,
The air is cool,
Whispers of the breeze in the shadow
Make me wonder who are you.
Today turns into yesterday tomorrow,
Tears wash away sorrow.
Happiness cannot come without pain,
Not all clouds drip the rain.
Like a tiger in a den,
Individual power cannot always win.
Like a chicken popping out a shell,
You need many failures to live well.
Life is imperfect,
No path leads you to the perfect.
Believe that the sun will shine,
You can survive and feel divine!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Weird Poem in 55 words

You can worship me,
You need to carry your own identity.
I see,
You cannot please everybody,
I agree,
You certainly will become somebody.
You don't have to fear those foes,
You do need to make friends with pros.
Reach 4 the star,
Me, while driving your own car.

Happy Father's Day to Fathers in your family, cheers!