Thursday, April 20, 2017

poetry rally week 84, good flowers, and promising plants

good flowers,
loner's comfort
sightseeing boomer
we cherish the purple, the yellow the white, and the violet,

quiet place,
legendary countryside
big brick homes host huge wits
warren buffeett and gary clark cook bbq

driving to philip 66,
I choose an expensive fuel
believing in Braum's chiken fingures
know my favorite soupberry

Sheruba flower at Rome garden

Ameryost flowers at Taiping Mountain peak

Gabedaisy at Tokyo, Fuji mountain

Melaniaberry at Hollywood, Los Angeles

Reedavictor at Kaifeng, Henan sheng

Abbeytooth plants at London, england

Saturday, April 1, 2017

short story slam week 65, 66, a to z, A is for Advent, Air force, B is for Bruce, Burns, Bus, and Bob or Buffett

short story slam week 65, 66, a to z,   A is for Advent, Air force,
B is for Bruce, Burns, Bus, barron trump, and Bob or Buffett
c is for Clyde H. Pape,  Colby Smith,
d is for Donna Hardesty, david dutton, dale teeters, duane wilson, donald trump,
e is for emily dickinson, emma watson, eugene lorton,
f is for fu zhixiong, fan min, fan lee, fan bingbing, Fang Zhiming,
g is for Guan mucun, Gong Xianghong, Gong xiao, Guo Song,

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Image result for Baby r'us 

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when we visit a place, we gather names, and quotes, and feel good about posting their fame here:

christopher peeples
robert sheaf
donna hardesty
james r. sorem
sharon greene
sandra whitaker
l. duane wilson
steadman upham
robert hasty
stacia campbell
stephanie kingfisher
dale teeters
indu dayal meshri
joshua mabee
evelyn rayzor nienhuis
mary oxley
stevenhan wilson
marianne blair
ryan lane
peyton manning
colin morgan
xueya peng
irvin schultz
nicholas taylor
adrian lawson
jennifer aniston
ashley biden
b. b .blair
lottie jane mabee
eugene lorton
bob west
sandy west
david dutton
donna dutton
chevron barbara
maude b.
clyde h. pape
priscilla blair
walton collins
peggy collins
cortlandt dietler
martha dietler
curt sharp
kendall murphy
steven neal
kay duit
eric wood
aime wood
eric pryor
brett hagy
hui jin
beom ju kim
lan le
brianne wagoner
amy cairnes
barkley wilson
yingjing zhu
hasherm r
taylor anderson
james bissett
raymond kravis
james sorem
sharon greene
sandra whitaker
john swab
baxton goodrich
kathy taylor
taylor swift
j. paschal twypman
james gregory
jan martin
david lawson
gerald clancy
paula clancy
j. newton rayzor
meshri fa vesti blue
john bartley
john chamber
chuck robbins
linda neal
brad henry
henry zarrow
jason grife
g. t. bynum
nick rethford
isia peterson
anne peters
will hubbard
trenton gibbons
adam lux
nathan gibbons
sam chott
kayleigh thesenvita
paul mases
elias brinkman
james whisenhunt
trenton gibbons
michaela flonard
giselle willis cuauhtle
hannah kloppenburg
mary clancy
joseph clancy
sam clancy
mary fisher
roger blais
steve job
michael dell
bill gates
yan qin
nathan greenwood
meng jianguo
gong li
cheng li
yang meilin
ji shengxiong