Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Lights Are On

Cool wind creeps down,
Tree leaves frown,
Halloween lights are on,
Ghosts float all over the town.
Far down the street,
Houses smell bloody sweet.
Kids cannot wait
to do their favorite trick-treat.
If you dare,
Put on your custom and visit somewhere.
If you care,
Buy enough candies and share.
When parents lead their spooky kids here,
Greet them with No fear.
After the knocks at your door die,
Enjoy some bloody pumpkin pie.


This Is Written 4 Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry,
Everyone is encouraged to write a poem with a theme on Halloween,
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Our linking is open from Sunday, 8pm to Wednesday, 8am.
Happy Halloween To You All!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Write Is What I like

I like girls smart and small,
I like boys brave and tall.
I like babies who don’t squall,
I like kittens that curl up like a ball.
I like to walk in a shopping mall,
I like to listen to music in a concert hall.
I like to be as innocent as a doll,
I like to celebrate the season of Fall.
Summer is fine with solid green,
The sweetest season is spring,
Fall is perfect, I mean,
Winter is O. K. with silver sheen.
What I write
Is what I like,
What I like
Is what I write.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magpie #37-Mirrors, Reflections!

Waterfall, down it pours,
Force that resembles loss.
Attractions, traveling tours,
Experiences that marks down growth.
^ ^
Raindrops, tear drops,
Force that enables growing pains.
Sunrises, surprises,
Experiences that show gains.  

^ ^

Posts, Poets,
Creativity that sparks fun in loads.
Flowers, garden,
Experiences that inspire children.

^ ^
Mirrors, reflections,
A tool to view life's directions.
Smiles, styles,
Hope to see you happy in piles.

^ ^
This is an entry for Magpie #37
And 4 The Imperfect Prose
Have Fun Reading!
You  Rock!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Not All Clouds Drip With Rain

Look, If there is one thing I've learned,
It's That
Learning is observing, My friend!
Sunbeams glittering outside my window,
The air is cool,
The whispers of the breeze in the shadow
Make me wonder who are you.
Today turns into yesterday tomorrow,
Tears wash away sorrow.
Happiness cannot come without pain,
Not all clouds drip the rain.
Like a tiger in a den,
Individual power cannot always win.
Like a chicken popping out a shell,
You need many failures to live well.
Life is imperfect,
No path leads you to the perfect.
Believe that the sun will shine,
You can survive and feel divine!


This is submitted to Carry On Tuesday,
And We Write Poems (Crossroad)!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Love My Own Name

What's your fate?
What kind of life style in your plate?
If you refuse to tell,
Then I don't know.
Let's talk about mine
While we have a sip of wine.
I never yield to any power,
I won't sell my pride even if it is only for an hour.
I love my own name,
No blame game.
I prefer to smile or grin,
I love to be free from discouraging thing.
But, in case I fail,
I won't wail.
If I break a rule,
I will admit it and stay true.
If I lose my job,
I won't go to streets to rob.
If I am hit by a car,
I will accept my fate and find ways to heal my scar.
If death arrives,
I will delete my files from my hard drives,
I will smile like a cauliflower,
And seal my life with one last shower.

Submitted to writer's island :Unleash"..
and also to Poetry Pantry at Poets United

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magpie Tale #36-Prisoned Inside

Prisoned inside,
My imagination has gone for a wild ride.
Budding tree leaves,
Bursting blossoms,
Bubbling breeze,
Brain-storming classrooms.
This is Spring!
Blue pools,
Bright skies,
Banned Schools,
Burning desires.
This is Summer.
Brown earth,
Beaming faces,
Beautiful births,
Blasting graces,
This is Autumn.
Blowing snow,
Barren fields,
Bittersweet frost,
Bare trees.
This is Winter.


Magpie Tale #36
The Imperfect Prose

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC Wednesday-Magical Math Humors

You are the bus driver.
At the first stop, 4 people board the bus,
Second stop, 8 people board,
Third stop, 3 people off,
Fourth stop, everyone goes off the bus.
Question: what color are the bus driver’s eyes?

What has three feet and con not walk?

What has two legs but cannot walk?

This is 4 ABC Wednesday, M Is 4 Magical Math...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Blue Tree

She was angry with me,
She made her lover insult me.
She was jealous of what I do,
She complained it seriously, to many of you.
She kept the madness and fears,
She allowed the wrath to grow.
I showered her blue tree with tolerance and smiles,
And sent forgiveness to her deceitful wiles.
But the blue tree keeps growing,
Things don't look glory or glowing.
She beholds the harmful tree shine,
I'm glad the tree is NOT mine.
Then into the garden stole,
When the evening has masked the pole,
I'm pleased to see,
I have outstretched beneath this blue tree.

Monday Poetry Potluck
Poetry Pantry
Blue Monday

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magpie Tale #35-It's Fall

I wonder 
If I could ignore
The call of Fall,
Upon the golden sip
of equivocation
In her jubilant fashion,
I ponder
If I could explore
the reasons of the season
upon the fancy trip
of summer vocation.
It's Fall,
Leaves desert trees
and hit the floor;
It's Fall,
Kids grit their teeth
As SUMMER slaps shut her door.

This is an entry for Magpie Tale #35.
Happy Writing, Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poetry Is A Passion

Poetry is a passion,
Via this passion
many other passions.
Poets are creators,
Via the creations of poets
many other creations.
Compassion is a grace,
Via the grace of compassion
many other graces.

Positivity is a choice,
Via the choice of positivity,
many other choices.
This is a poem for Thursday Poets Rally Week 30...
Which runs by Jingle during October 7-13.
Every poet is welcome!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Imperfect Is Perfect

Here comes Spring,
I try to wring
From each inventive writing
To unveil treasures hidden
Or forgotten.
Too often,
I see imperfection
In all human relation.
Does it make sense
That in the longing
Lies the glory of intense feeling
Inside your silent body?
With the most invaluable magic
Ties not to satisfaction,
But to the engine that
Powers it,
The imperfect is perfect.
Writing is burning profession.
If the joy is not overlooked
and the audience gets hooked,
Then nothing shall be impacted
And sorted to a digression.

This post is for poetry pantry at poets united
and for Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Birthday Wishes and Awards

Happy Birthday To All October Babies!
*Six Word Saturday*

 Your Comment Brings Magic 2 My life Award
*Jingle's appreciation 4 all of you*

Today's is my birthday, I turn 42 and I give the above birthday wishes and offer my the utmost appreciations  to all of my blogging friends, Thanks for the encouragement, kindness, and beautiful love in supporting Jingle and her communities!
Jingle loves all of you and wishing you a very happy and festive October!