Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Magpie #37-Mirrors, Reflections!

Waterfall, down it pours,
Force that resembles loss.
Attractions, traveling tours,
Experiences that marks down growth.
^ ^
Raindrops, tear drops,
Force that enables growing pains.
Sunrises, surprises,
Experiences that show gains.  

^ ^

Posts, Poets,
Creativity that sparks fun in loads.
Flowers, garden,
Experiences that inspire children.

^ ^
Mirrors, reflections,
A tool to view life's directions.
Smiles, styles,
Hope to see you happy in piles.

^ ^
This is an entry for Magpie #37
And 4 The Imperfect Prose
Have Fun Reading!
You  Rock!


william manson said...

that was awsome, I loved the way your poem developed, bravo dear, you are really good xxx

Book Bird Dog said...

Jingle, your poems are so happy overall. You turn everything into a happy picture!

Kimberly said...

"Waterfall, down it pours,
Force that resembles loss."

What powerful imagery you've painted with words!

Kathe W. said...

so wonderful a poem! Lovely and thoughtful!

Caroline said...

This very beautiful. I love this. You are so good.


Unknown said...

much happiness to you, too!

ELK said...

oh the photo to match the tender lines...

Someone is Special said...

Ji, delightful poem.. I loved it apt to the picture..

--Someone Is Special--

cosmos cami said...

I really loved that last line.

Anangkr said...


" Raindrops, tear drops,
Force that enables growing pains.
Sunrises, surprises,
Experiences that show gains. "

lovely lines, :)

Reflections said...

Your words cascade into a pool of freshness.

Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

this is splendid ji! fabulous.

lots of love

Helen said...

Beautifully written!

Mommy Emily said...

nice prose, jingle. thanks for linking.

Carrie Van Horn said...

YOU ROCK always fill me with joy and inspiration!! :-)

Lyn said...

This has such a rich and natural flow..really fine!

R.S Mallari said...
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R.S Mallari said...

Full of imagery, and a very unique form which is perfect for the theme of the piece, I like it.

KB said...

I love the line about the waterfall. Beautiful imagery.

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful how you connect such beautiful objects in your verses !! Rain drops, teardrops was my fav :)

Kristen Haskell said...

I love this piece Jingle. Your poems are always so joyful. I really appreciate that about your work.

Thanks for your kind feedback about Framescape. I am super excited about where I want to take that. Have a great day my friend. Kristen

Rosaria Williams said...

"mirrors, reflections, tools to..." Aren't you the clever one!

♥ Kathy said...

You have a true talent for writing Ji..awesome job

OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

how refreshing!! my take on the prompt was darker...yours is much happier!! thanks for your comment on my magpie ;)

Caty said...

nice magpie :)

Deborah said...

A lovely, joyful poem!

Beth said...

I especially liked the second stanza:"Raindrops, Teardrops/Force that enables growing pains/Sunrises/Surprises/
Experiences that show gain"

We truly can't seem to show gain without some rain and tears and growing pains.

I never know when you will turn off in my comment section, but I always enjoy your visit.:)

Manda said...

Oh, how there are days my tears feel like the waterfalls... and growth can come by pain and birth something lovely.

Karen S said...

I love this -- especially the first stanza.

The Blog of Bee said...

So much here to make one think. And every line so true. Love it.

Anonymous said...



There's much in the world that you can't explain.
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Horizon within! You can always find
the keys to Enigma. Let's mention
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is Nature naught but extension.

Internal expanses! In dreams, ridden
by fear and longing you roam
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Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Nice one Jingle. Liked it.

Bing Yap said...

"Mirrors, reflections,
A tool to view life's directions..." that is sooooooo true! what a lovely poem, jingle! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the second stanza of this beautiful poem! Very lovely! - G

Kathe W. said...
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ZENDOM said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I keep you put so you don't fall
My reflection is there but is that me
I wonder all the while let me see
So this is the blank with image in place
That image is mine and this is my face

enjoy my Dearest Jingle and Happy Tuesday to you(+)

Joyful said...

I love that photo with the water on the glass. Very beautiful.

Wysteria said...

I had to leave a comment. Your poems are lovely.

I am also trying to leave comments today on people who posted such kind words to mine.

There are so many talented people here. Hopefully, I can get to all of them and enjoy their works


Wysteria said...

I love to read your poems. Full of inspiration and painted pictures of happiness


Timoteo said...

Thanks for the invite to Thursday Poet's does that work?

Rune Eide said...

That's one I can't match! :-)

A Daft Scots Lass said...