Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Tom: You Rock, Love You Always!

Award Winning Coloring from Tom, 2002

Tom, left, 2nd place,  ($10 at age 5),
see his coloring above

Front Row, Tom on Right, 
Very Important Person Award
from Still-water Middle School

God makes his decisions,
Music hovers on wide, curious oceans,
Tom is the gift of God,
In great satisfaction, we nod:
He can walk at age ten,
He can ride a bike without a handle bar,
In Kindergarten coloring contests,
Among hundreds, second place, he wins,
VIP, baseball, swimming,
and more, Tom's future is promising...

Tom, First Chair in Oklahoma City University OYS Orchestra

Tom, Doing Gymnastics

Tom, Batting at Baseball Field

Tom, playing Soccer

Tom, Oklahoma State University ..Student Union..

Tom, Corpse Christi, Texas, Beach...

Tom, Oklahoma City Zoo, love panda and bamboo forest...

Tom, Houston, Texas, Children Museum, 
Walking and running at age 11 month old, 
Thanksgiving holiday vacation

Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, Texas, Riding train to a town

Family Vacation at Houston, Texas Space Center...

Tom, Stillwater Boomer Lake Playground

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hillary R. Clinton: The Lady Celebrity

Admired by my Asian hubby
Justin Woo,
Mrs. Hillary Clinton,
Along with her family,
has been my first admired lady
in American history,
I have read her book
"Living History",
Her words are real
and heartfelt,
She had been an authentic beauty
as first lady,
Now she remains a celebrity
to my family
and me...

Image Credit:, Mrs. Hillary Clinton and her daughter ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brad Henry ( An Invincible Force)

A talented individual
in most contemporary history,
Brad Henry has been an invincible force
in fighting natural disasters,
He is everywhere
when Tornado hits his state,
He is with everyone
when secondary school students
desire encouragements,
He supports ordinary citizens,
He deserves a leadership role
to Americans,
with him being a friend,
Joy won't faint.

Image Credit:, Brad Henry and family

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Waka (Mindful Mood)

Image Credit:
Waka: 5 7 5 7 7

Italian background,
plus Asian American roots,
what exciting news.
Proud to know my heritage,
Ready to fight cancer rage.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Trenton Passmore (Tom Appreciates Your Love)

You and Tom attend the same school,
You do sleepovers,
and watch football games too,
In summertime,
You two go fishing,
and July 4th fireworks displaying,
Your family treats Tom
Thanksgiving lunches yearly,
Oh, Trenton and the family,
Tom is blessed to adore
and explore
life, including basketball
and baseball games
with you,
PS: This is written to show appreciations to a special friend of Tom,
Trenton Passmore, I also wish to show thanks his other close friend
Chris, Thanks for riding bikes with Tom at boomer lake.....

Happy Valentine's Day to Passmore Family, to Chris and family...
Happy Valentine's Day to all of the Readers of This blog,
Thanks for your love...Keep Up The Excellence!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alphabet Thursday & Haiku: L Is 4 Locks

A Poem:

How is everything so far?
so full of rays of emptiness?
Do you still have interest
as life is surveyed and reprogrammed?
Are you sure that
X-rays transubstantiate a mind, or a choice?
Do you give novel feelings credit?
Is she still your wife, you husband?
She used to hover, baby you,
She also chives you to focus on your own plate,
But you distance with a mild gesture,
Fearing what others judge you….
So constant is the unsettling tide
where beach, waves, and wind collide.
Wishing you a sunny day
as she remains far, far away.

Haiku for Haiku challenge/ Alphabet Thursday: L is for Locks
Stuck in locked mind,
Life is not going to be grand,
You’d better unwind.
Lovely colored locks,
Reminder to messy stocks,
Need keys to succeed.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oklahoma Is More Than Okay, It Is Perfect!

 Former Governor Brad Henry has been super supportive 
to public education, especially in arts, science, and music education..
next to him is former president of America Bill Clinton...

Open space,
Hands on science museums,
Fancy zoos,
Outstanding arts,
and science schools;
Football and Orange peel,
First class state university deal;
Top ten choices in the nation
for best living,
Everything here is fascinating,
Seeing is believing,
So before you frown
or look down,

Get yourself going
to the right direction.


Submitted to Bluebell to Honor Jingle Poetry Community blog link at

Welcome to a visual tour to Oklahoma, a place I have enjoyed living for a dozen years, and have gotten  two Masters’ degree from state university during my stay…Special Thanks to State officials or legislators, locale public schools, university administrators or professors, locale residents, students, and friends, including my classmates,  instructors, and thesis advisers who have been perfect mentors and inspirations to me, and to my entire family...I also appreciate the locale news press and university paper editors for offering me jobs, giving attention to me and my family members so that small achievements are highlighted and encouraged...I shall never forget your kindness and positive energy, I love what you do, for now and for good...keep it up.

 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain

OKC Memorial, honoring those who died By a bombing...

State Capital, newly renovated a few years ago

OSU has The Largest Student Union in The United States,
we buy textbook from there, there is a huge food court inside...

OSU library, I used to study inside 
typing my research papers or prepare for my exams, wow...

College of Education Building at OSU,
Where I received my Masters of Science in Education,
Focusing on Elementary Education

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Box of Mysteries (A 55 Words Story to Be Published By Bluebell Books)

You know ___ is coming,
Your eyes glow,
Your mind does a brief ghost mapping,
You don’t have any ___,
Your followers become restless,
Shuffling like adolescents in a dancing party,
It glitters like ___,
What is it?
Is it sunflowers fresh like morning dew?
Or sunshine in spring rain
that offers hope to almost everything?


If you write 55 words stories, wish to have one of your talents published via Bluebell Books, please feel free to submit to their collection (see the link above), along with your name, blog link, and content copy and pasted in the comment section, have fun, bless all!

Image Credit: