Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Cinema Society Honor Roll At Nguinn Age By Mima Cody Rao

The Cinema Society Honor Roll At Nguinn Age by Mima Cody Rao
  Alphonsa Barton                                                                                Zia Yusuf
     Ben Stiller                                                                                     Yasmin Namini
      Christopher Eisgruber                                                              Xiphold Alspach
        Dana Murphy                                                                     Walter Mitty
          Eddie Murphy                                                               Vacca Emma
                                                                   Ugadia Bitojil
              Glaad Media Awards                                        Tracy Morgan
                Harry Hamlin                                              Sarah Constantin
                  Ibok Loafivra                                          Ross Nguyen
                    Jerry Wolf                                          Quinlin Stiller
                      Kristen Wiig                                  Patrence Douglas
                        Laura Collins-Hughes               Orsono Camille
                           Matthew Broderick     ||    Neve Campbell 
                            McAleer  Daniel         ||    Noelle Bradley
                          Lori Marshall                          Oppold Amanda
                         Kristian Hammond                   Philip Elliotts
                       Johnny LeBron                             Qinxia Lam
                     Ina Yamin                                         Razeghi Manijeh
                   Henry Bellmon                                      Selim Shahriar
                  George Walker Bush                                 Taylor Duncan
                Fred Siegel                                                    Ukens Don
              Erin Wiese                                                        Vaden Burns Hargis
            Debbie Jackson                                                     Walter Murphy   
          Chi-Haur Wu                                                            Xiaoping Deng
        Barack Obama                                                              Youn Andrew
      Aggelos Katsaggelos                                                         Ziva Branstetter   

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Ride On Pratt's Rocketship

Mary Kate Stanley Pratt is bored,
She decides to take a trip to outer world,
By saying "Mona Lisa",
Her imaginary boat begins to shake under a sudden storm radar,
By mentioning "French Fry",
Her clothes instantly go clean and dry,
By thinking of "Peterson Calosi",
She finds herself in a wagon next to Hawaii's Botkin Hunting Sherwoods,
By forgetting her way home,
She lands on Mars with Samoan's favorite holywood stars,
By praying for "Shen Yun" performing art,
She coincides with God SumYang's turning wheels and becomes a nut,
Billions of light years pass,
Pratt's rocket-ship grows many decaying dots,
Through ups and downs in emotional paradise,
Stanley's body and soul upgrade and harden,
Eventually, she says "Boomer Sooner", absolutely,
Her rocketship resumes and descends
by a reindeer and lands at Manowa's Yorky Valley.