Monday, May 31, 2010

See How Math Is Employed In Words With Its Worth

Suppose A stands for 1%, B represents 2%, and continue like this, we have ….X implies 24%, Y means 25%, and Z is 26%.

Thus, we have this mathematical formula to work on and with trying to view how we live our lives in order to get a perfect score, 100%.



be indexed by numbers in percentage as

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Now, we have


18+1+7+5+6+18+5=5=65—> 65%



4+9+12+12+9+7+5+14+3+5=80–> 80%













Wow, if your goal is to be perfect of 100%, then Being Rage Free is NOT ENOUGH if you don’t study or work at all, Being Diligent is GOOD, while Hard Work is GREAT. Hard Work and Aptitude can help you get close, but you never fully reach it.

Attitude is 100%, which is the ideal tool you need in life to arrive at your destinations.

Bullshit may blow you away and

what do you think of the word


19+15+12+9+20+21+4+5=___?–> ____%.

please add these numbers yourself, find the answer, then tell everyone about your insight or conclusion by saying:

Solitude is________________.

Thank you in advance.

Discover FUN in these computations and wordings.

Math is cool, How about you?

Happy Monday 2 U!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday 160-Peace 4 U, Please!

As a lovely soul,
U join the army for an upright goal.
Did u hear your mother cry
When u suddenly die?
Of course,
None has prepared for this,
Peace 4 u,


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

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Many thanks for reading it.

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Word Saturday Week 6-I Love You, Followers of Jingle!

I Love You, Followers of Jingle!


Good Morning, Everyone:

How Are You?

I don't care who you are, I don't mind where you come from. I love you because everyone deserves to be loved, including you.

"Am I lovable?" You may question me.

"Yes." That's what I want to say.

Please consider yourself beautiful and able to love and be loved. Thoughts of solitude, loneliness, and foolishness may occupy your mind. Trust me, these are ghost alike. They try to scare you, and make your feel helpless, hopeless, and fearful. Don't allow these demons fail you or mislead you.

I value you. When you befriend with me, I gain joy and consider you more precious than gold. Nothing can replace your position in my heart. Not diamonds, not emeralds, not sapphires, not gem or rubies.

It is my pleasure to be part of your life. It is my joy to inspire, talk, entertain, or lead you. You Are Special and Priceless.

Please continue following me. I will work my best to discover your potential and honor your efforts.

You know what, as I inspire you, you inspire me 2.

U R My Muses! I am your server.

Together, We Shine
Like Divine!

Thank You For reading!
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

55-Here Is What's Coming In Mind

I am thinking about writing my Flash Friday 55
While I am doing a 55 miles per hour speed limit drive.
Here is what's coming in mind
About what I have left behind.
55 sleepless hours,
55 bunches of fresh flowers;
55 positive words,
55 different style of swords.
55 handsome visitors,
55 encouraging comments.
Write a poem that is fiction in 55 words. Give it a try and notify G-man at:

Everyone will receive awards from my previous post after commenting, please feel free to take them:

Happy Flash Friday 55!
I value your opinion!
You Are The Best!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Rabbit Haikus


I am a hare

Who is fair

And Willing to share!


It is not funny

For a runaway bunny

To have alcohol in its tummy!


I am a bunny

That is sunny

And Funny!


More wild than a rat,

I am a rabbit

With a hopping habit!


No matter when, or where,

It is unwise to compare

A bunny and a hare!


My ears are long and flat,

My eyes are red,

Sunrise is the time I go to bed!


Stalking around your neighborhood

With carrots as my yummy food,

I feel sorry for my jumping mood!

Hello, How R U?
Do U have a favorite one?
I am sorry I did not comment back to most of U.
I am kind of taking a short break from online.
I appreciate your support and
wishing all of you a graceful day ahead!
Thank You and Come Visiting Again!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Complex Numbers

When it comes to complex numbers,

You may notice a strange guy,

Who and Why?

That guy is the imaginary number i.

Look at how i divides a pie

Into 4 pieces, as i, -1, -i, 1,

And i is i,

i squared is negative one, -1,

i cubed is opposite of i, -i,

i fourth is positive one, 1.

If you want to go further with the power of i,

You know i fifth is the same as i,

Because 5 is 4+1,

And i fourth power goes back to 1.

Thus the power of i is easy to simplify.

To learn more,

Divide any power of i by four, 4.

Complex solutions always come in pairs,

a+bi, a-bi are conjugate pairs.

Addition, Subtraction,

Multiplication, and Division,

All work the same wonders

In complex numbers

As they do in real numbers.

Make sure real parts go with real parts,

Imaginary parts join imaginary parts.

The final expression will always be a+bi,

With a, b either a whole number or a fraction.

If b is a fraction,

Make sure i sits on top,


Make 1 over i equal to negative i, -i.

Do you understand the function of i?

I like i,

Please don’t ask me why!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 160-Let The River of Love Purify You

Let the young rain of tears come,
Let the calm hands of grief come.
Let the river of love purify you,
Let the magic of forgiveness empower you.
Let you be you.

What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

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I treasure your encouragement or comments!

Have A Sunny & Funny Sunday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SIX Words Saturday Week 5-Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday In Six Different Ways!

Hello, How R U?
I wish U All a Very Happy Saturday!
Take Good Care.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

55-I Love Irises

Chapters of my life are turning purple, green, gold,
There is fragrance of burning as nights grow cold.
The flagged footsteps with iris galore
of the most mysterious thoughts never appear before,
The air is filled with sweetness,
I love irises,
The symbol of life, love, and light.
Pray to God, Everything will be allright.

Write a poem that is fiction in 55 words. Give it a try and notify G-man at:

Happy Flash Friday 55!
I value your opinion!
You Are The Best!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kiss You Without Control

When troubles bring you down,
You may not know what to do.
Please look inside your heart,
And you shall know I love you.
You are in each thought I have,
And every breath I take.
You dominate my soul,
With every move I make.
I recall us the way we used to be,
Your smile is so remarkable to me.
What we have shared feels so right,
To say I love you, every single night.
Don’t you know that you make my days count,
I am the happiest when you are around?
It doesn’t matter what others say,
as long as I love you, day by day.
Hold you deep within my soul,
Kiss you without control.
Take me to another dimension
so that I sense the heat of your passion.
On the wings of a rocket,
My love 4 u flies.
Soaring all the way high in the sky,
tears well up in my eyes.
I love you,
This is true!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Haikus


Spring days,

Radiant rays,

Figure fruits on Trays.


Swimming pools,

Gardens tools,

Knitting wools.


A Naughty boy

Plays a fancy toy,

What joy.


Camp around

A water pond

With hidden treasures to be found.


Turn the music on,

Listen to a favorite song,

Party until dawn.


What a delight

To spend a night

On a wild camping site.


Hello, How are You?

Hope that You enjoy some Spring Fun!

Let Me know which one is your favorite!

Many Thanks.

Happy Wednesday!

;) ;) ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Micro-fiction Monday Week 4-I Am Wondering...

I have spent a few weeks preparing six jars of gifts,
I am wondering how can I send them to my son
who is serving in Iraq for his birthday?

Hello, How Are You?
Welcome to Micro-fiction Monday week 4 entry.
Where the picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.
The story is in 139 characters.
For more information, check it out at
Stony River by Susan at:
Happy Monday Evening!
Happy Tuesday!

ChooseTo Forgive

Visualize in your head

All the conflicts you have to encounter,

And as the clock ticks,

You will believe with NO wonder,

The times when you have to struggle,

And the moments when you are lost

Are well worth the cost,

They keep your dreams alive

When You opt to forgive!

Gravity and light are relative,

Wins and loses are temporary,

Issues and problems are resolvable,

Pains and wounds are curable,

And the rich and the poor are exchangeable.

Experiences and wealth can be gained,

Knowledge and skills can be learned.

Choose to forgive,

Your turn things around,

What a relief!

Happy Monday!
;) ;) ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 160-How Can Life Keep Its Course...?

How can life keep its course
If one won't let it flow?
Those who flow
As life flows know
They need no more force,
no wear,
no tear,
no mending,
no repair.

What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man at

The poem is actually a *quote*, Jingle modified it to make a Sunday 160.

Many thanks for reading it.

Have A Sunny & Funny Sunday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Imaginations Is The Wing

Let your imagination fly

Way up high

To the boundless sky,

And don’t be shy

About why

Not Bidding goodbye!

Set your dreams free

Either beyond the Milker Way,

Or below the bottom of the sea,

And please agree

To count 1 2 3

Before you take shots of what you see!

Let your spicy desires

Set the universe on fires.

Hear the birds sing,

Imagination is the wing.

Oh, Yeah,

You are the master of the show here!


I hope that your day is filled with relaxations, entertainments, and satisfaction!

Happy Saturday!

U Deserve Happiness!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

55-I Have Lived An Independent Life

As a wife,
I have lived an independent life.
I paid my own tuition fees,
I earned my own degrees.
I have my own bank account,
In addition to our joint account.
I fully respect my hubby in reality,
I never doubt his loyalty.
No stalks,
No angry talks.
We become the happiest married folks.

Write a poem that is fiction in 55 words. Give it a try and notify G-man at:

This poem is close to my real life. I spend ZERO time questioning or monitoring my hubby, what's the point? We have two boys, I don't think that anyone can break my marriage. I encourage him to make as many friends as possible. Outside home, everyone wears a mask, it is natural that people are more friendly, but back at home,
everything is real, I know him and he knows me, we make a perfect family!

Re: If anyone is interested in getting awards, Please feel free to go back to Jingle's May Follower Award Week 2 and take what you want from there.

Thank You In Advance!
Happy Flash Friday 55!
I value your opinion!
You Are The Best!

Theme Thursday-What Can You Control?

Not everything in the universe can be controlled.

No matter who you are, where you live, and what you do for a living, no matter how hard you try, worry, think, predict, or calculate, you cannot stop the time from flying by, you cannot keep the days sunny all year around, you can not predict when your good fortune will arrive, and you have no idea what other people think of you unless they tell,…

What can you control?

There are things you can do to make peace with the environments you reside.

By mowing your lawn regularly, you show your neighbors that you care, you are organized, and you have good plans in your housing management. By going to work right on time or ahead of the time, you tell your boss and coworkers that you take your job seriously, and you know the importance of getting a project started and done in timely manner. By dressing to impress, dressing for success, you demonstrate to the world that you respect yourself, respect your job, and deserve the same respect from those around you.

All these things you do is for you to live a life with a sense of order, you are in good control yourself with your fair conducts and manners, you have confidence, and you live for NOW with admirable self-management skills.

Your thoughts, your attitude, and your response to what’s happening in your life are those items you can control, at least you have the option to work on maintaining a secure and peaceful mindset. When you have ordered thinking to support the functions of your heart, body, spirit, and emotion, you are in control!

yesterday is history, tomorrow is future, what you have is today, today is “the present”, a gift that is given to you from the Divine.

May you live for TODAY to its fullest!


This post is for Theme Thursday (Mystery) which is hosted at:

What can you control? It is A MYSTERY!

I wish to hear from You!

Thank YOU in advance!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Wish To Be A fish

Just like all of us, Fish come in different shapes and sizes, fish needs water the way human beings need air. Fish swim, no permanent homes, while humans do stay in a city for a few years, then move from state to state, or immigrate from country to country.

I like fish.

Words such as the following list portraying fish could be utilized to capture human beings are very rich and entertaining:

young fish, old fish; big fish, small fish;

short fish, tall fish; red fish, green fish;

fat fish, cat fish; square fish, round fish;

happy fish, sad fish; naughty fish, grumpy fish;

runaway fish, teenager fish; ….

I tried to use three lines (Similar to Haiku) to describe myself as a fish, call it The Wish to Be A Fish!

As yellowish as gold,

I‘m a naughty little fish

Refusing to grow old!

I also tried another one:

I‘m a baby fish

That is fluffy, fatty,

And witty!

Welcome to Jingle!

If you were a fish, what kind of fish do you want to be?

Happy Fish Wish Day to All!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Find Out How Divine You Can Be

If all the principals

At all of the schools

Could turn all their teachers

Into orchestra conductors,

Then all the students

In all of their classrooms

Would perform their pieces of art

Musically and cheerfully, with No Disasters!

If all the parents

In all of the households

Could express their concerns and worries

In humor and laughter,

Then all the children

From all over the world

Would succeed their studies, and

Live happily ever after!

Life is an illusion, only a person as wise as you, can lift the fogs that bar one’s view to see the truth.

Life is better lived because of your courage, providence, and penetrating insights. Not everything is meant to be a mystery, not everything is supposed to be difficult, nothing can be claimed until you conclude it is, you are the rule of the game, you can make a difference the way you can never image!

Stop torturing yourself! It solves No problems at all!

Stop doubting your ability! You can always learn and get it!

There is a good reason to all sadness, madness, and pains! You are not the only soul who feels trapped, wronged, misunderstood, misled, fallen, or hurt! Without darkness, there will be no joy of seeing the light of hope. Without struggles, there will be no discovery of genuine friendships, realizations, and inner strength.

You dream about adventurous life, you hunger for a land of plenty, you wait for a time of bliss! All these desires decide all the obstacles in your way. And you are given opportunities to overcome these setbacks, detours, barriers, and sufferings! Once you have gone beyond the time and space, you become a better being!

Remain the course! You will be there! Your day will arrive! when you prevail, your names will be recorded in Heaven, and you will find out how divine you can be!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Magpie Tale-I Live In A Haunted House

This is a post for Magpie Tale hosted by Willow at:
I wrote a poem this time, it is a fiction trying to have fun looking at the prompt.
I value your input and wishing you all A Happy Monday!


I live in a haunted house
With my sickly spouse.
There is a scary spell
Which I must tell.
I see an eyeball in the air,
When I try to touch it,
It is not there.
I sink myself into a chair,
Feeling the sense of despair.
I stare
At the mischievous air
Wondering about where
Is that eyeball?
I search at the hall,
Nothing solid is there at all.
I look for it in the kitchen,
what I find is three piece of grilled chicken.
I throw myself in my bed,
shaking my head,
Not sure about what is coming ahead.
Body and soul, I am half dead.
I dwell with an aching heart,
With my inner world falling part.
That creepy eye is out there
Making its constant stare.
In my dream,
I scream!
The eyeball becomes a shadow
Outside my window.
It hangs near the oak tree
While I try to make my day.
To the Divine, I pray,
Please take the spell away!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 160-When You Are Away

When you are away,
The day feels heavy.
No mood to get in the game
and play.
everything looks gray
On a gray day,
Do you sense my aching heart
When we are apart?


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Word Saturday Week 3-Happy Mother's Day Special


Hello, How R U?
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day To Moms Who Are Followers Here,
And Happy Mother's Day To Moms in Your Family!
Help Your Kids with Mother's Day Greetings or Wishes if You Are A Dad...
Thank You!

The Folloowing TWO Gifts R 4 U. Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

55-Faithful Followers

Flying fish,
Furious fires.
Faithful followers,
Fabulous faces.
Fascinating feathers,
Freedom feasts.
Fertile fields,
Fixed fees.
Favorable feedback,
Forever friends.
Family Fridays,
First film.
Fundamental fellowships,
Flourishing friendships.
Frequent feeds,
Festive festivals.
Finalized findings.
Federal funds.
Fearful flights,
Fitting fists.
Fantastic fiction,
False failures.
Famous father,
Flawless fiddle.
Flattering fans,
Flat flags.
Flash Friday 55.

Write a poem that is fiction in 55 words. Give it a try and notify G-man
I used web tool to count my writing which is exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR
If anyone is interested in getting awards, Please feel free to go back to my award post and take what you want from there.

Thank You!
Happy Flash Friday 55!
You Are The Best!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yes, I Can Handle It

I will send some,
Tell me you need them,
when they are fresh,
I will send you some.
Yes, I have some.
I have a huge allowance in CD,
And I earned some while trying to get my Ph. D.
Yes, I have some!
I have it secured.
Let me live,
Trust my belief,
I have it secured.
Yes, I enjoy many.
You come in different shapes and sizes,
I enjoy offering you all kinds of prizes.
Yes, I enjoy many.
Yes, I adore some,
Especially when they have the style
To keep me interested for a while.
Yes, I adore some.
Of course, I get some at times,
I feel nil shame to tell it,
I have zero desires to expel it,
And I do get some at times.
I can handle it,
If it is never meant to be mine,
I shall feel just FINE.
Yes, I can handle it.


This poem is for Jingle's Thursday Poets Rally Week 17.
For more information about our weekly successful Rally,
Please follow the link at:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christina!

Happy Birthday, Christina!

Your Love Is My Sunshine Award

You Are A Super Star Award

Hello, how Are You?
Three days ago, Christina left a comment under my post mentioning her birthday today.
This blog is brand new and Jingle is blessed to have 77 followers within such a short time. Christina has left several lovely comments here and I want to appreciate her by saying Happy Birthday, Christina!
Anyone who wish to have a happy birthday post in this blog can comment three days prior to your birthday. In the case you did not mention to me, I apologize for overlooking it...

Please visit Christina at Rant Rave Roll:
Today to wish her a Happy Birthday! Thank you in Advance!

Kindness CARD

My friend Doraz at Believe In Yourself: has been passing Kindness Card today, It is FREE for all of you to share with your blogging friends.

In the end, I want to say:

Be happy,
Take what you want from this post,
Pass the love and kindness,
Enjoy yourself,
Happy Blogging!
You Are The Best!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Nature Haiku

Under the willow tree,
Please tell me
what you see?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Life Is Ready For You

There will be magics

Hidden in the things you do,

And all the promises

Will be kept 4 U!

There will be bliss

Waiting for you to get,

And all the costs

Will be paid ahead!

There will be treasures

Buried in the ocean floor,

Detailed clues will be provided

For U to explore!

Life is ready 4 U,

Confidence will get you through;

Be Happy, Be Free,

Blaze the trials, Lead the way!


This poem is dedicated to all those incredible people who offer unconditional support, love, and tolerance in making the world a better place to reside! Happy Tuesdays!

Microfiction Week 2-Yes

What R U thinking, Tom?
I'm thinking about my pregnant wife, Mary. What if I die here?
Would you take care of my family for me?

Hello, How Are You?
Welcome to Micro-fiction Monday,
Where the picture paints 140 characters,
or even fewer.
For more information, check it out at Stony River:
;) ;) ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Are Invincible

Like the torch

In a moonless night,

You break the darkness, And

Guide me to the bright site.

Like the air

In the atmosphere,

You keep my dreams alive, by

Showing your support everywhere!

Like the rain

In early spring,

You give life’s meanings

To every living being!

You are the reason

The bells jingle;

You are the reason

All stars twinkle;

You are the reason

The birds whistle;

You are the reason

All children giggle!

Your words always ring true,

Your style is absolutely cool!

Your judgment is incredible,

You are invincible!


This poem is written in December, 2009.
Hope that you enjoy it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday 160-Fun No Ends

Bylines and bypaths,
A long way to go.
Bygones or bywords,
Lots of stories to tell.
Families and friends,
fun no ends.
I got what I want,
No question about it.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man.