Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Rabbit Haikus


I am a hare

Who is fair

And Willing to share!


It is not funny

For a runaway bunny

To have alcohol in its tummy!


I am a bunny

That is sunny

And Funny!


More wild than a rat,

I am a rabbit

With a hopping habit!


No matter when, or where,

It is unwise to compare

A bunny and a hare!


My ears are long and flat,

My eyes are red,

Sunrise is the time I go to bed!


Stalking around your neighborhood

With carrots as my yummy food,

I feel sorry for my jumping mood!

Hello, How R U?
Do U have a favorite one?
I am sorry I did not comment back to most of U.
I am kind of taking a short break from online.
I appreciate your support and
wishing all of you a graceful day ahead!
Thank You and Come Visiting Again!


Allie said...

I LOVE BUNNIES. my best friend has one. he's adorable.

Caty said...

My favorite was -more wild than a rat, i'm a rabbit with a hopping habit! these were fun!!

DrSoosie said...

I had a hare...oh dear

Whose fur was soft and fair

One sunny day

a snake had his way

That was the end of my hare!

Muthering Heights said...

These are so cute...I love bunnies AND Haikus!

Bossy Betty said...

#4 is my favorite! OH! I love that picture of the bunny!

Ronda Laveen said...

I like #5 and #6! You are a funny bunny.

Anonymous said...

This was a cute post. I love bunnies. They are adorable. All of them are funny. Good job!:)

JStar said...

:) This is cute Ji...And no applogies needed...You do so much for us, that there is no need to respond to everything...Thats a lot of work...

The Oceanside Animals said...

Everyone needs a break now and then!

Deanna said...

Number 6 made me smile.

Hope you are enjoying your break.


Lyn said...

An alcoholic bunny? My word...Also love the hopping habit!
Such fun...

Susie said...

Love the haiku:-)

island of peace said...

they are hilarious and beautiful. loved that pic of bunny. its very beautiful.

Sheri said...

my friend, they are all so cute but i especially loved #5! your imagination seems to limitless but to put them into haiku forms as well?? you are marvelous, you funny bunny :)

william manson said...

they are sweet just like you, but u are much more sweeter xxxx

ZENDOM said...

You are so happy go lucky
From bunny rabbit to quacky ducky
It is always so fun to be hopping around
And to take off without making a sound
To sit all huddled as you see your next move
This is how it is when you are in the groove

enjoy Jingle and Happy Thursday to you as well(+)

Anonymous said...

lol this remind me of the rabbit that will be appearing in my novel and they are so cute! Okay i dun actually love cute things but it is cute:) XD~ Wonderful haikus, great job once again Jingle ;D

Carrie Van Horn said...

I like bunnies, but I am very alergic to them...so i like them from afar.

Robert Lloyd said...

Is it wrong that I laughed aloud after reading this one?

It is not funny

For a runaway bunny

To have alcohol in its tummy!

Thank you for sharing and making me smile lol.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I'm so glad for the opportunity to revisit via Poets Pantry. Lovely to have found your poem Tuesday Rabbit Haikus'.
A refreshing subject change for me to read and so enjoyable.
Thank you, Eileen