Thursday, August 31, 2017

poetry & Story Fridays week 1



after a few thunder storms
Houston Flood and South Louisiana feel better
after Germans and Frenchman decide to come
migrating a portion of the victimed household to their landscapes

which is very shocking story
what a delicious move
when John Nicklow and Michael Fitts
all agree to write their personal stories and share with Melania Trump /Donald Trump

Friday, August 25, 2017

todaY'S mood

a long way drive
leading justin wu to Cowley, then Wooster
when Jamie hears a noice
she holds the car seat tight

good stops
Casey and Exxon fuel are easy to get
McDonald has my favorite pancakes
what about Oyster for dinner?

Gibson hall
Audubon park
I sit, sleepy and lazy
Jiahong paces up and down the stream,
white swan grace our time near, after Papa John pizza


  general taylor

Monday, August 7, 2017

short story slam week 73, 72,

short story slam week 73
 it does not matter
nutshell Brown Frank has simmered mixed emotion
water color or sky blues
the person who won often gets labeled with bursting assumptions
drink a punch
remove the chain of burden in trust and bound
yahoo and msn surface often backs up Allen Gates
when the day grows sweaty with lazy hue
our throat may need lots of soft coke
a sip of spring water is heavenly
Jane, Lottie, Joy, Evelyn, Samba, Matilda, Max, Sophia, and Camille
all quit
because they prefer to sit, 
preserve for peaceful moments
forgive Amelia and Lucinda,
we have Anne, Sophie, Chloe, Dan, Sam, Vicker, and Victoria agree to join peace rally
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