Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Deep in the sea floor,

High above the Northern star,

If you explore with friends’ support,

You travel twice as far.

How do you interpret manipulation here? Does it mean that you can talk people into your agreement? Do you have to force your perception about the world on someone specific?

The answer is NO!

The word of manipulation could be deceptive! No one can control or change those who refuse to be controlled or altered. But, for those who look for directions, for those who seek friendships and partnerships, you have the opportunity to reach out, share your common sense, and give birth to lives in your shared interests.

If you know the trick of manipulation, you are more likely to be successful. Your thinking skills, your self-managing skills, and your language and problem solving skills would have found a place to mold. The uniqueness in you attracts those who admire you closer to your life.

As a result, your life is empowered, your destination is in sight! Because of manipulation, transfiormations take place, your dreams could easily become reality.

Do you agree?

You are welcome to join for a heated discussion. Have fun!


Sam Liu said...

Great post, Jingle, I agree to an extent, though I do think that in some cases, manipulation can lead to exploitation. You've demonstrated brilliant wisdom and balance here :D

The Crooked Tongue said...

I thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment.
I think manipulation, like everythig can be good in moderation.
I love what you said in your second paragraph. I love to reach out and I love when someone can share their common sense with me.
This is a lovely post, it has given me a lot to think on.
Thank you.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I work in the legal field and know all about manipulation. Some days it's fun and others, I'm saddened by it.

lena said...

That is indeed a thought-provoking post. I believe manipulation in the sense you mean it can contribute to something good only when no moral limits are crossed and nobody is hurt in any way.
Today people just don't know when to stop and don't know anymore how to tell right from wrong.

Rajlakshmi said...

god thoughts on manipulation... but it may not help everytime though :)
well written.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with Lena, some just don't know when to stop. Hubby always says us women our manipulators lol not too sure about that:)

Amy said...

wonderful post.. I think you should just be straight up with people.. If not that is just not cool..


A great issue Jingle, Is it good to be manipulative? I'm not so sure.
You may well be forcing YOUR opinions on to someone who has a mind of his/her own and won't budge.

Loved the post Jingle,
Take care.

gayle said...

I can be manipulated pretty easy, I'm afraid.

Tabor said...

We have to make it on our own. If some want to go with us because they like our rhythm or like our destination, so be it. We never should make a decision because we were manipulated. We should never manipulate others...just tell them our truth and they must go their own path. Manipulation does not mean (at least to me) not telling the truth.

Heff said...

I don't think the statement has ANYTHING to do with "manipulation".

Are you trying to manipulate me to think it DOES ?!?!?

Lyn said...

There's too much trying to convince others with sleight of hand. Like justifying your being.
Believe in one's own truths..like goes to like..its peaceful and harmonious, and who knows, maybe the "other" will join in!
Terrific post.

RNSANE said...

I think we often ally ourselves with kindred spirits because we share common beliefs, goals, interests - but my basic instinct is to steer clear of those I feel try to manipulate me. My radar immediately goes up.

DrSoosie said...

Manipulation or persuasion....ah...the difference. Somehow to me manipulation has a derogatory sound while persuasion is more forgiving. Life can be all the things you stated about manipulation the same if you use persuasion. With persuasion it allows the person involved to think he/she is making up their own mind with strong arguments by you. With manipulation, a person is being led without awareness...more negative I think.

Rosaria Williams said...

I can't buy manipulation at all, at any stage of friendship. It makes one person control another. Not at all ethical in my book.

steveroni said...

To some extent everyone I know is manipulative. Do not almost all try to work things out to our own satisfaction?

Hey jingle, how can I thank you--I feel so special that you sent me 18 URLs to peruse, ponder, and comment--and I WILL. Just have not got to it yet.

But how can I NOT comply after you "manipulated" me--BIG GRIN!!!

Go ahead girl, manipulate me....

Caroline said...

Great post , really makes you stop and think. Alot of men think women are the worst at it but I think it just comes down to the person.

Thanx for all the sweet comments on my blog.


Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your visit Jingle! Being manipulated is sometimes horrible. Socalled friends have been manipulating me for years which resulted in a breach of confidence.

Ed Pilolla said...

i dig the counter-intuitive way you think. if one communicates well with another who is open to direction and trusting of the universe to provide direction, no harm-no foul.
yeah, i dig it.