Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday 160-An Owl Is Wise

An owl is wise,
An owl hoots;
An owl hides
in dark woods.
An owl is cute,
An owl is against those who pollute;
Respect an owl,
The way you do to yourself NOW.


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Happy Sunday!
This is also submitted to Poets United 4 Sunday Poetry Pantry:
Z-A word challenge, O is 4 owl:


TALON said...

Owls are so would be a shame to hurt one in any way. Great message in this l60, Jingle!

Caroline said...

Wonderful and I love owls !!


ChrisAu said...

owls looks mysterious but your poem really reflects an owl. nice!


This was wonderful Jingle, owls are lovely birds, I saw a display of them in Spain and even held one,
The photo of which is on the cover of my book.


Anonymous said...

owls are really cute creatures, thanks for highlighting one.

lots of love.

ZENDOM said...

My Dearest Jingle...first of all great poem about the owl...I have seen one of them back in February 1981 a very huge white snow owl that I got inspired about a year ago and put this poem on my blogsite but it is here for you to enjoy...Happy Sunday as well(+)

The Spirit of the White Owl sits on the tree*

Cometh down from the Northern states
It is too cold up there as she crosses the straits
Blowing, blustering and freezing ice
A little warmer south will make it comforting and nice
Fly with open wings that stretch so far and wide
Two swoops from Canada to New York as her wings take stride
Ah, it is Now time to rest and let things be
To say Hoo-Hoo is the Spirit of the White Owl that sits on the tree
Dom* Colucci 2009

Jerry said...

Can an owl squint? Good one Jingle

Unknown said...

A friend of mine was able to participate in tagging owls to be monitored. They really are beautiful! Enjoyed this.

And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It's great to be writing again. :)

Kathe W. said...

the Golden Rule is a good one!

Anonymous said...

That was 160 words!!!! and you did it!!!! :)

JamieDedes said...

I love the way you can be humorous and still get a little message across. If I saw your poem and it didn't have your name on it, Ji, I would still know it as yours.

Good fun. Thank you!

Myrna R. said...

You said a lot in 160 characters. Good writing.

Unknown said...

wise words!

and that owl is gorgeous!

Monkey Man said...

Owls are beautiful creatures that come in all sizes. Thanks for being a part of the Sunday 160 again. I've missed you.

Anonymous said...

I love owls! So wise, so calm, so observant. That picture makes me think that if my cat suddenly grew feathers instead of fur, that's what she would look like - such a piercing, thoughtful gaze.
I recently read an article that said the owl population in India was under threat because people were catching them and giving them to their kids as Harry Potter owls. That made me so mad and sad. - G

Helena said...

I once watched an owl for hours in my neighbour's garden till I realised it was just a polythene bag caught in a tree...!

But I do love our wisely turn-heads!

Claudia said...

this pic is amazing..and i agree - we should respect not only the owls but all other animals as well

Rajlakshmi said...

I love white owls. they look so gorgeous :D nice write

Doctor FTSE said...

Lovely short poem, Jingle.
UK residents can "adopt an owl" here
My adopted owl is a barn owl called "Cobweb." Let's hear it for Britain's owls!

Lyn said...

So classically beautiful..the mystery of the owl..and you did this so well!

izzy said...

I miss the owls we used to hear at our last house- Fun one!

Diane T said...

An owl is wide-eyed at night!

gayle said...

Great post! I do think owls look so very wise!

ds said...

Ah, the snowy owl--so beautiful. Wonderful poem, with an important message. Thank you.

dasuntoucha said...

An Owl is Wise post.

joanna said...

Fantastic -- love the poem and the owl great pairing.


magiceye said...

:) lovely!

Anonymous said...

So true

G.K. Asante said...

Short and sweet...literally!

Amy said...

Nice poems. Love the pictures.. Have a great weekend..

Vinay Leo R. said...

beautiful and well expressed, Jingle :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Owl poem!