Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Survives

First date, coming nigh,
His face shines with scarlet pride,
Hard not to smile wide.
They meet, right on time,
Side by side, their heartbeats rhyme,
no words, but hot thoughts.
All of a sudden,
big raindrops pour, wetting them,
Befuddled, they hug.
Shyness disappears,
First kiss in romantic tears,
Love survives, Cheers.


Ann LeFlore said...

Such a lovely romantic poem you have done and it fits so well with the theme thanks for sharing

Marbles in My Pocket said...

A sweet and timeless poem. Very nice!



Another wonderful poem.


The Unknowngnome said...

Another sweet treat.

LBTL said...

I think nature wanted the kiss to happen and destiny took over :)
that was a sweet and romantic one, enjoyable! :)

JJ said...

sweeet !

Bijaylaxmi said...

Lovely presentation of love...:)

Jenny said...

Hi! I am so sorry but I totally can't find your link to SC - He Stole my Soul. When I get to that page it only shows a title and no words. Is it possible you could send me a correct link so I can see what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you so much.

jennymatlock at cox dot net

Suzy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice haiku.