Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Namibia (Summer Olympics) = Mitt Romney + David Schmidly + Ballerina + William Powers Jr. + William Bill Raun + William Manson + Columbia + Jiahong Wu + Jamie Dedes + Naomi Tenable + Nannies (Babysitters) + Amity + Ibok + Mitch (Mish) + Few Miles (Sis) + Michael Shear + Michael Jordan + Aya Wilson

Summer Olympics- Since the early 1990s,
Namibia has become an independent state,
with help of the United Nations,
For the past two decades,
famous African athletes include:
Lucktz Swartbooi (Track & Field/Marathon),
Monica Dahl (Swimming),
Friedhlem Sack (Africa’s top shooters),
Joseph Jermia (The Continent’s Top Boxers),
and Agnes Samaria (Best Runners of Africa).

 Image Credit: Google.com on Namibia


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