Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the black chronlcle via lut williams

here comes Christmas season,
here comes pleasant shopping,
let's go wild,
and place American Eagles
on our back of the mind,
so that they read our post,
and smile big
and go home happy,
because there is no gate
barring people from kindness,
embrace, and tolerance.

Myron L. Pope
Bill Bellamy
Tina Fey
Amy Poehler
Bishop Malcolm
Malcolm L. Hill
John Higginbotham
Jeff and Aimee Struble
Darla Fent
Bryan Duke
Don Retz
Shanna Peeples
Shawn Sheehan
Donna Cobb
James Machell
Jennifer Palmer
Graham Lee Brewer
Randy Ellis
Alan Heraherger
Bryan Hudson
Daniel Christian
John Maker
Ryan Haas
Sean Murphy
Silas Allen
Sarah Dougherty
Paighten Harkins
Hounian Peng
Tom Petruno
Jessica Rodrigo
Curt Sharp
Jennifer Ferguson
Andera Eger
Michael Arrington
Tim Stanley
Misty Robbins
Larry Page
Lucinda Southworth
Louise Red Corn