Friday, January 15, 2016

a special tribu to Chairman Mao TseTong, and his philosophy

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no perfect solution to a nation
but perfect theory for all to ponder
that's what happens to China,
and to Great Britain,

Chairman Mao has poetic talent,
His words carry much wisdom and
farsighted version
way to go, for a historical figure

Today, China is led by Xi Jinping,
and the free economic market is good,
the higher education entrance exams are fair,
we say, good job

the way I see Chairman Mao,
is the way I agree, writing poetry,
share beautiful values, and care about neighbors,
thus, Mao's influence impresses

Books written by Mao are red by my partents,
Poetry written by Mao trigs fire in all of us---

He, north pole,
Me south pole,
we miss one another from each end
we drink the water from the same river

when Mao swims at Changjiang river,
the entire China feels the energy
my cousim Yang Qingming, my father Peng Shuisheng,
I ride a small boat, watching with pride.

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Image result for yang kaihuiImage result for yang kaihui