Wednesday, February 3, 2016

signs, signs, keys to think about, memory art black and white, short stroy slam week 37

locked out? there's help

Black & White Wednesday ~ Light Hearted 

who looks for signs weekly?
check it out, you discover lesley

who is posting for memory art on wednesday?
look around, think of the poetess Adrianne

who plays piano well at Massachusetts institute of technology, 
if it is not Pi-Ju Chiang, Heather Lanners, then Gaylor Foster, Tom Lee

who has FUN with violin?
if not J. D. Henneberry, Diane Chen, then Tina Wu, Christina Li

who used to sit at cello principle chair of OMEA all state orchestra?
if not David Lee, Benjamin Lanners, Lisa Storm, then Dennis McClurg, Sheng Wu

who is smart enough to attend Harvard law school?
if not Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, then Barbara Bush, or Mary Fallin

who refuses to enjoy San Francisco google company?
if not Dongkui Zhang, Jianying Xu, then Benji Wojin, Huiju Zhou, then Daihong Zhu

the day has gone tired,
my fingers grow sour, good bye, until next post.

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