Friday, April 22, 2016

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, wellness, free verse, and education in higher ground

Hyde Park Poetry 

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First of All,
I worship music, orchestra, and cello string
and that is when I think of Yo Yo Ma, Sarah Chang, and Elizabeth White

I believe in Healthy Diets, Physical Education, and Outdoor Adventures

In Addition,
A fitting mindset, relaxing, traveling, reading, and knowing are good

Now, when I think of population of age 22 or older,
Faith, family tradition, hobby lobby, crafting, art, computer programming come to mind

so, when our children could not agree to settle with their Jobs,
they shift their attention to credentials that evoke questions

why? how? impossible?
So, yes, and everything is firm, legislate, and possible!

otherwise, come in,
do it yourself, prove yourself ....improving yourself is important

Doctor of Philosophy, a degree with highest merit,
Not everyone opts for it

But, the school house from Yale University is full,
You, i mean, You shall trust your talent, and achieve it All!

learn from Peter Constantin, Drew Gilpin Faust, Joseph Singer, Judith Singer,
Monica Higgins, Jennifer Hochschild, Michele Lamont, Gary Urton, and Richard Frank

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