Monday, October 30, 2017

profound people and amazing Metairie, GRetna, New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Guangzhou

eastbank regional
westbank branch
Jefferson Parish and Charles Parish pop up books of variation
Loyola School of Law posts Grand intelligence in Broadway

Audubon PARK
Lauren Library, Nix Library, Norma Mayer library, Jeferson Parish library,
all good fans to Milton Latter public library,

autumn leaves go dry with orange pumpkins go ripen
children from White House haunt
Eric Trump, Donald Trum Jr., and Ivanka Trump walk to Dante street,
eating some Mexican fish with Barron and Tiffany

peng chuanzhen

tricia knapp

mike yenni

greg habra and dennis hanwell

han zaiqiang AND peng zai er, siblings to  Peng Yuanxi, Peng Zhengche, Peng Zhenghuang,
Peng Yuanzheng, Sun Tanhai, they are friends to Peng Hounian, Yan Simei, Wang Nianyu, Guan Li