Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Organic Apple (a Tease On Eating Organic Fruits)


    I shop for fruit in stores with lots of signs that say
    They sell organic food from pesticide-free ground.
    I've heard that food is healthier when it's grown that way.
    Although the cost is more the logic does seem sound.
    But today I bought an apple and when first I took a bite
    I was shocked to see a worm in the middle of my stare,
    And even worse than that most disturbing sight
    Was to find that only half the worm was there.
    With anger and distress I was utterly aghast,
    Feeling nauseous almost to the point of panic.
    But those unpleasant feelings very quickly passed
    When I realized the worm had also been organic.

    Poem © 2009 Marvin Brandwin