Saturday, March 28, 2015

International News

Zach Turner,
Jacob Overling,
Taylor Rey,
Mackenzie Menter,
Gray Lieper...
An OKC OCU campus newspaper,
Offering international news...
Irish Living,
Christian Religion,
Police Reports,
Jewish Worships,
Islam and Muslism,
Budda and Modern technology...
A jigsaw puzzle,
the Big Apple,
Facebook friends,
Twitter followers,
Allie Glazner,
Stefanie Sun,
Amy Fuhrman,
Maleyia Vaughn...

international news,
national coverage,
outside view,
indoor pool....

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an award, posted for poetry rally week 81,
thanks for the encouragements...

for week 82, or next rally, I wish to nominate  Bonnie

and  Friko's World

have fun today.