Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love Riding My Bike

When I was a toddler,
I was given a trike,
I must have enjoyed the ride,
Because when I was a school aged girl,
I was learning how to ride a bike.
I fell a few times,
It hurts my side.
But I refused to give up.
I tried,
And tried,
I grew very tired.
I wanted to forget about riding a bike,
Thus I went to a hike
On a mountain site.
I used my legs as walking tool,
Which is slow and uncool.
I decided to keeping learning
About bike riding.
I got it perfectly.
It was a thrill to be able to ride a bike.
I love riding my bike,
And I carry so much pride
When I travel to visit places
That are full of graces.
How are You?
I am glad to be able to share my bike riding
experiences with you in a poetic form.
Thank YOU for visiting and commenting!
Happy Thursday!
You Rock!


Suz said...

now that was a lot of work
but so much fun
I have a bike that I got last year...still haven't ridden it

THE BEATY said...

great job jingle personal experience

One Prayer Girl said...

Persistence pays off. :)


♥ Kathy said...

that was fun to read :) I could just see you toodling along :-)

Brian Miller said...

nice ji. teaching my boys to ride has been a highlight to watch them going from unsteady to eagles wings...

Hilary said...

Fun stuff. Biking is one of the best parts of childhood.. and beyond.

Jen said...

What a fun subject! I still love riding my bike!

Anya said...

Its good for your health
ride a bike :))))
Loved your poem !!!!

ilovepink said...

Jing,Great post!
I really love to ride bike too. This will also help to exercise intead of treadmill.

ilovepink1078 said...

mine is up!

Readers Dais said...

Hi! JIngle..
thiat was a fun read...
hope u are an expert in riding now?
wanna join foe a race? :)
hve a gr8 day...

lanaibeach said...

Learning riding a bike
It was a cool thing to do
When life was young
Riding it perfectly

Sometimes to show aerobatic skills
Like you see in the TV shows
Guys would do the stunt harmlessly
In the village to impress the girls

Running the bike
Then hopped on with it
Pedalling quickly to let it rides
It felt good to be free

Else one riding it
The other guy has to hop in
Without falling from the bike
One becomes two on the road

Riding without holding the handle bars
Pedalling it around the village road
Girls would say trying to show off
Guys would say it was skill honed in practise

Riding bike in group
Ringing the bells riding by
Along the streets...........
Until the years took our youth

29/4/10 4.53pm
p/s just sharing take care

Unknown said...

Wow. That was a nice poem. BTW, Bike riding is the biggest achievement for any kid. Everyone has fallen off it. Riding brings a big smile.

Have an awesome day...:)

JStar said...

I love this Jingle :)

Mama Wheaton said...

I haven't ridden a bike in years but got on one a week ago and it hurt my bum.

Holly said...

Fun read.....thanks for your writings

Shriti said...

awesome :]

yup i would love to be a part of that but what i have to do? O.o

thanks for following ^_^
following you back ^_^

Unknown said...

lovely and so free!

fun fact: I taught myself how to ride a bike!

Peace ~ Rene

Raven said...

Love the poem! Great writing.

chiccoreal said...

Jingle wise words. Simple philosophy. I like it. I am glad you are not a bump dweller but maybe one day your bike will need to be repaired and then "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle madness" will come in handy. It is always good to be handy! As is your finely tuned poetry! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent my friend. Well done. Persistence does pay off :)

Maude Lynn said...

I wonder if I can still ride a bike . . .

Unknown said...

Makes me want to reinvest in a bike and go for a ride. Learn it all over again!

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me want to buy a bike again, I haven't had one since I was a kid.

Lynn said...

i am likening your bike riding to me and my spiritual path. I have been moving moving and at times i just want to stop but every time i come back to movement... forward... yay! Thank you for your words!

JB said...

that was a fun read! i saw your comment on my blog and thought i'd stop by to read yours.

william manson said...

ah memories of bygone days, lovely, loved this xxxx

Sheri said...

oh jingle, what a fun ride you took us on today...i enjoy myself tremendously!!

ZENDOM said...

I was never a big person only small
Learning balance only to fall
But determined I was to see it thru
It went with great confidence and knew what to do
I thought on how to keep moving at will
Instead of trying hard to stay very still

enjoy Jingle great poem as well(+)

Ronda Laveen said...

Such an encouraging, positive poem. Well done, Jingle. Your rock too.

moondustwriter said...

Sweet Theme Thursday and cute picture.

Thanks for a look at you

gayle said...

Great poem!! Haven't been on a bike in years!

suryagni said...

lovely. its a great joy to ride two wheelers.