Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alphabet Thursday & Haiku: L Is 4 Locks

A Poem:

How is everything so far?
so full of rays of emptiness?
Do you still have interest
as life is surveyed and reprogrammed?
Are you sure that
X-rays transubstantiate a mind, or a choice?
Do you give novel feelings credit?
Is she still your wife, you husband?
She used to hover, baby you,
She also chives you to focus on your own plate,
But you distance with a mild gesture,
Fearing what others judge you….
So constant is the unsettling tide
where beach, waves, and wind collide.
Wishing you a sunny day
as she remains far, far away.

Haiku for Haiku challenge/ Alphabet Thursday: L is for Locks
Stuck in locked mind,
Life is not going to be grand,
You’d better unwind.
Lovely colored locks,
Reminder to messy stocks,
Need keys to succeed.


Esther Joy said...

Locks is a good L word. I had my "locks" touched up by my beautician daughter today!

Manicddaily said...

Very wise observations--particularly about the locked mind! K.

anitamombanita said...

fun and creative!

Amber said...

Simple and sweet haiku. :)

JANU said...

Liked both.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

And where is that key to succeed, please?

Paint This Image in Your Heart

Noble said...

amazing poem and haiku :)

br!nDle said...

wow...lovely haiku...:)

Lola said...

Great *L* post – and haiku!

Have a good Alphabe-Thursday and look forward to *seeing* you again,


Living with Poetry, poems by Asim Kumar Paul said...

Lovely poem. Your Haiku poem is fine.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

lovely l post, my attention was "locked"...

The Noiseless Cuckooclock said...


true sentiments on Haiku.

Abby / Linda said...

Love the last line of the second part of the haiku- "Need keys to suceed!"

Someone is Special said...

I loved your creativity Ji..

Someone is Special

Judie said...

Great "L" word! I agree with Anita--very creative!!

poetrydiary said...

I like the gentle philosophical reflectiveness of your first poem here - it does fit with the fairy in the image very well - makes me want to daydream too...

Paris Foliage said...

comprehensive and witty words.

well done poetry and Haiku

Jenny said...

Great job...

I would have never thought of this for the Letter "L"...

Thanks for Linking.

Wonderful post!


The Poet said...

This was a fun & creative entry for "L". Nice imagery.
Thanks for sharing.

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