Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oklahoma Is More Than Okay, It Is Perfect!

 Former Governor Brad Henry has been super supportive 
to public education, especially in arts, science, and music education..
next to him is former president of America Bill Clinton...

Open space,
Hands on science museums,
Fancy zoos,
Outstanding arts,
and science schools;
Football and Orange peel,
First class state university deal;
Top ten choices in the nation
for best living,
Everything here is fascinating,
Seeing is believing,
So before you frown
or look down,

Get yourself going
to the right direction.


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Welcome to a visual tour to Oklahoma, a place I have enjoyed living for a dozen years, and have gotten  two Masters’ degree from state university during my stay…Special Thanks to State officials or legislators, locale public schools, university administrators or professors, locale residents, students, and friends, including my classmates,  instructors, and thesis advisers who have been perfect mentors and inspirations to me, and to my entire family...I also appreciate the locale news press and university paper editors for offering me jobs, giving attention to me and my family members so that small achievements are highlighted and encouraged...I shall never forget your kindness and positive energy, I love what you do, for now and for good...keep it up.

 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain

OKC Memorial, honoring those who died By a bombing...

State Capital, newly renovated a few years ago

OSU has The Largest Student Union in The United States,
we buy textbook from there, there is a huge food court inside...

OSU library, I used to study inside 
typing my research papers or prepare for my exams, wow...

College of Education Building at OSU,
Where I received my Masters of Science in Education,
Focusing on Elementary Education


Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

This is great,

love what I see in this post,
way to go.

promising poets poetry cafe said...


it takes courage to do this,

I know many folks have problem with this place!

best wishes for everything.

Other Mary said...

Ok, you got me! Now I want to visit. :o) And thanks for visiting my blog too!

rudraprayaga said...

stopped the mind a while.splendid


booguloo said...

It's always nice to have an adoptive home.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

powerful message sent.

Unknown said...

Love seeing another take pride in and embrace their community. I live in Tucson, where controversy and challenge are real, but wonder and diversity outweigh them!

Elizena said...

Very well done with 55 word prompt and then when you added all the pictures to show why Oklahoma is worth visiting you had me hooked. Great job. Be blessed.