Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short Story Slam: A Glance At Leslie

Image Credit: The Chance of Rain

I took your involvements in my community
as naïve acts,
You, seen as my GOOD friend,
No sign of suspicion from me,
Until you delivered your
stealthy critics about me to him,
About him  to me,
You had separated a family, obviously.
The path you took, directly,
has tremendous impacts on me,
The cut had visual depth,
A constant pain daily,
Sorry that he had to love other women
Sorry that he had to come back to me
We might never become best friends,
Even if the universe suddenly ends today,
Yet, I was happy to see your progress
in your revised role:
You had skimmed his vices
with utter patience,
You got your pieces of assurances from him,
Remain calm,
I do understand and bless you,
Even after you teased me in public,
and bullied me in private,
You thought you have him with you only-
In his river of deep embankment,
You were both right and wrong,
I hate that illusion that had tricked me once but no more.
I am perfectly fine to stay alone,
Now I send the past away
with my strength growing wings,
Thanks for your studious politeness,
You had been on top of the world,
with him spoiling and promising you,
Hope that you do so enjoy your current status
and understand how I feel as a woman, as the one left behind.



Anonymous said...

I like the flow in this one, nice :)

Wrecker said...


Snowflakes said...

sad, well expressed sentiments,

bless you.

Elizena said...

It's a strong poem that brings sadness and anger out of whomever is reading it. This was very well done. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

This is quite serene in it's grief and quite matter of fact while laced with a hint at so much emotion having been ridden out prior to it's writing. It's clever and tender. xx